Hurricane Katrina

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MSgardener, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. MSgardener

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    I lost my old Toro Groundsmaster with a relatively new Mitsubishi diesel engine and 72" out front deck to Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I am starting to pick up the pieces and am looking at used equipment, again. I saw a 2 year old Exmark with 28 hp gas engine and 72" deck. Is a 28 hp gas engine enough for a 72" deck??? Thanks for any input.
  2. ffemt1271

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    i recently bought a lazer xs 31hp 72 inch cut the one you refer to is only 3 hp less, i would think it would be sufficient for your likings.
  3. zero_turn_mowers

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    28Hp for the 72 inch deck is plenty...

  4. rodfather

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    We have 3 325D's. Those things are so rugged I'm surprised even a hurricane did them in.
  5. MarcSmith

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    I would imagine the water intrusion is what did em in...or the looters..
  6. deereman

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    Off the topic that you are asking for but, just curious how are things for you? Are things starting to get back to normal? Are the lawns going to come back from all that drowning?:confused:
  7. MSgardener

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    from 9A
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    Thank you for all of your responses. That Groundsmaster was a pretty tough machine and I will miss it! Saltwater intrusion is what did it in, about 28 ft of saltwater and then all sorts of debris piled on top of that. The coast is devastated and what the saltwater did not kill, the bulldozers and backhoes did. The grounds are terribly torn up and it will take some years and serious replanting before we can even approach normalcy. CNN just did a special on Bay St. Louis. If you get a chance, take a look as it is pretty accurate. I was a few miles down the road in Pass Christian, MS. There is not much left.
  8. PGA

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    Im curious, did insurance cover the losses?
  9. DB Lawns

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    I live in the Laurel, Hattiesburg area and it was rough up here and I know from my on two eyes traveling down there with my job what you are dealing with on the coast. I work with MDOT and do lawn care part time, our thoughts and prayers have been and will continue to be with you guys.

    Because of all the media attention given to N.O. nobody has a clue what our coast experienced, and like you said it will take years to recover.
  10. Richard Martin

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    I saw some new video from your area today and it looks pretty much the same as it did the day after Katrina. My heart goes out to all of the people who are staying in that area. It looks like you are looking at a decade or more to get it back to where it was.

    Oh yeah, the 28 is fine for a 72".

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