Hurricane Preparation

Discussion in 'Tree Care Equipment' started by LawnCareBowling2019, May 22, 2019.

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    I'd just say screw it and stay inside.
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    Just a note about getting fuel before hand. I would suggest loading up on fuel 3 days before predicted landfall. The day before super storm sandy was supposed to hit here many of the gas stations were out of fuel. People were driving around frantically.
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    Burning up what little fuel they had left.
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  4. Charles

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    Despite El Nino they are calling for a near normal Hurricane season. Warmer Ocean. Monsoons in Africa.
    Need chainsaws. Husky or Stihl Bobcat or tractor with a grappler. Dump truck. Chipper shredder with a way to load the chips directly into a truck
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    You'll need a place to dump the debris or you'll waste all your time sitting in line at the landfill. Where are you located?
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    I am not a rookie but I still learn a lot I work for a lot clearer in the winter and he also is a tree service with me working with him for three winters straight I’m still learning. But to answer your question gets several bars, chains , oil, mix, ect. You need wedges sledge hammer, maul, axe, hand saws ect. You will need bull rope, climbing rope, block and tackle, chains 5/16, winches, come along, rigging rope, You will never see a self respecting arborist use a ladder. It is dangerous as all get out to work off of one with a saw. Do not do it!!! I hate to be that guy in here but in hurricanes people have just lost a lot of there stuff yes insurance pays for it. But don’t be a dick and charge outrageous prices to cut trees and stuff no one likes that guy. Be safe.
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