hurricane sandy SNOW!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by nashlawn01, Oct 27, 2012.

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    In Buffalo, NY we had this storm in October 6 years ago, with the snow. It was BAD...I didn't have power for over 9 days. Could not get down my street for over a week, I had to drive over huge trees with my truck (thank god I had a lifted truck at the time)...This was all before I was in the landscaping business otherwise I would have been making some good money. I feel for you guys in WV, VA, CT, MD and wherever else is getting pounded right now. Just hang in there and be safe!

    Anyway, in Buffalo right now it is a pretty steady wind with heavy rain. Supposed to get much worse as the night wears on.
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    Fire department just shut my street down big tree fell and took live wires with it they said they are too busy to deal with anything they are just shutting everything down
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    We've got over a foot now. Big snows are nothing new here in the mountainous regions. I'm right at 2800ft, but this wind.... woah, gusts over 50mph. My wife works at a local hospital and it's normally a 12-15 minute drive, this morning over an hour.

    According to NOAA up to another foot today.
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    The part of ct i'm in didn't really get hit, really ct as a whole was missed, down by fairfield, and old saybrook got hit hard.
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    Stay safe out there guys but take advantage and get the money rolling. Im sure lots of help and work is needed just be careful in those conditions.
  6. nashlawn01

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    Official weather reports say we got
    14.75 inches of
    Snow. But that's the heaviest snow I ever plowed
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    Iv had a client call for a clean up the other day right after the storm. We were stuck at my house from a tree blocking the driveway in the wires. So we called today and her request was pulled why bother cleaning the place when the house is going to be condemned.

    We lost 1 major tree and had two bigger ones go in my woods so they can stay there. I have a lot of tree damage though and now have 11 trees that need to be cut down grrrrrrr. So they turned off my power yesterday for a gas line explosion and I took full advantage of that made the 3 or 4 fast cuts that freed the tree from my lines then cut it up. I got about 1.5 cords from this tree now the power is back for us but not my next door neighbors. They cut the lines in that storm when my tree went so somehow I'm now the end of a grid and you can see the lines capped just above my driveway on the road. We called when the power went out they told us Nov 6th so I went looking in 5 stores for a generator last night but could find none so it was a a major relief went he power went on at 9 pm last night. The internet I lost at 11 pm Monday that came back on today around 3 pm. I took 20 yards of debris off my property so far all sticks and logs.

    But the damage 3 miles from me is extreme I had heard 2 dozen homes destroyed in my town that has now changed. The estimate is now hundreds of homes will be condemned here. And I am wondering what do I do how do I pay my bills when people who owe me money no longer have homes. My guess is I may lose as many as 12 accounts to this storm due to their homes being destroyed. The lady that told us not to bother isn't even on the beach shes a good 1000 feet from the ocean. I guess that wasn't far enough. As for the winds I got 70s-90s for like 5 hours here and its worse then most cause I am on a hill side that just happens to be the side hurricane winds always come from. So they cross a few flat miles then hit my hill side and go crazy I always get significantly more storm damage then most people do here. I had one gust I am certain was 100 and it started at like 70 then upped its speed then upped it again and again and lasted for what seemed to be 5 mins and the cracking of trees was deafening. I don't think we even got 1/2 of rain that entire storm just wind.
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    Hang in there man, my prayers go out to you and your family

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