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  1. Shastanova

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    DOes anybody know why lawns do so poorly after a hurricane has gone through the area? Weve had 2 hurricanes here recently Wilma & Charlie and the lawns look like crap no matter what you do. Is their a reason why??
  2. Az Gardener

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    I don't know for sure but I would venture a guess that you got a lot of salt water on the lawns and it has altered the ph. If the ph is off enough for the variety of plant or turf, it will inhibit the uptake of nutrients. No matter how much you fertilize, the plant cant take it up. Try some citric acid, its cheap water soluble, and fairly harmless. Hold on to you hat, I will probably get blasted about spraying regs. etc. I could be completely wrong too just an educated guess.
  3. MMLawn

    MMLawn LawnSite Gold Member
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    oh maybe 100+ winds, flying debris, a foot+ of hard fast soaking rain... ;)
  4. grassyfras

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    Also doesn't get as much sun??????
  5. lawnsbyrj

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    top soil erosion and junk that was on your neighbors yard is in your and your yard is now washed to the bottom of the ocean or a lake somewhere.
  6. Reliable Lawns

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    Could be that dog TOTO could have landed in that yard and crapped everywhere after drinking the nasty water in N O. But I would say it's gotta be the salt.

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