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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by skurkp, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. skurkp

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    I received a call on Sunday (yesterday) from a lady who wanted me to come to her home and look at the landscaping. The yard was a large busy yard full of beds and fountains, trees, etc. She explained to me that she wanted to change the service provider because the service given she was not happy with. The beds needed to be cut as the grass was growing into the beds and the was not real definition between the two. The beds were full of weeds, trash, pine needles and just in bad shape. Her house had been wrapped from high schoolers and toilet paper was everywhere. Remember this home is a million plus home. I need this done before Thanksgiving she explained, I told her that it would take two guys two full days to get this done and that I would do this for $800.. She fell out, thought I was insane and wanted me to explain to her what she would get for her money. I did not have a problem telling her that we would cut the beds, remove weeds, pine straw and turn the mulch, install two flats of color in one of the beds she asked for and service the lawn. Plus I would have to dump ( Still two days of work ). The lady is the owner of an interior design company where my wife is the operations manager. I am guessing that she thought I would be cheap. My rates where figured at $25.00 per man per hour. There is future work that she wants done like there is a fountain in the back yard that she wants removed and lots more landscape work to be done later. I told my wife that I could go down to $600 for the work, but that I really did not want to because my prices are just that. I don't want to be pushed into lowering my price, but there is a chance to increase business in this area.

    Should I stay firm on my price or should I lower it to get into the area and get the future work from this lady?
  2. Need a Little Trim

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    Stay firm on the prices...I had a similar bid for a landscape cleanout and the only difference is she loved my price. I am only looking at 1 full day work instead of 2 like you. People that have money don't like to give it away.
  3. LawnBrother

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    Don't budge on your prices, this lady sounds like she has the money, and aside from that you might have her between a rock and a hard place, as she probably knows she won't have a good chance at finding someone else to finish it by thanksgiving anyway. She just wants to see how low you'll do the job for before she gives you the go ahead. If you want any future work for this lady to be profitable, stand firm on your rates, or else she will expect lower rates from now on.(I learned this the hard way) Just my opinion, good luck with it!
  4. rbriggs

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    Geez, prices sound pretty reasonable to me. $25 per hour? Not bad, considering you were doing the job last minute and right before a holiday week.
    Definately, stay firm on the price. You are not a used care salesman.
  5. JS Landscaping

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    Id stay firm with your price as well. I dont think I would have gone for less than 800.00. Sounds like a lot of work and since she is putting you in a time crunch I would have charged more then your origional ammount. Why cut yourself short, especially if she has the money to afford. Ive found that the best clients to work for are the ones that will pay for your quality, and choose a landscape company for thier quality, not thier price. How many are on your crew that will be out there? If it takes you 2 days and you quoted 600, thats only 300 a day, then you still have expenses, plus labor if you have anyone there working with you. Not sure what the rates are in your area but for 2 days worth of labor with 2 guys on site the average up here would be about $1200.00, 8 hour days, roughly $40.00 per man hour. Just my opinion tho.

  6. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Lets see, she wants it done BEFORE Thanksgiving,you quoted her 800, 25.00 per hour (which is cheap even for my crappy area) and wants to gripe about the price:realmad: I would tell her I made a mistake, it was supposed to be 1200 instead of 800! I would not budge off the price and I think you should make it higher since it is so urgent. I will not do any work for less than bare bones 35 per hour or Ill hang it up. Just my .02.
  7. nocutting

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    Dont lower your price, explain to her you already did as a courtesy [ for your wife working with her]............I'd mention that if she hadnt been reffered by your wife there would be no way you'd be able to service her in such short notice...............just for referance its usally not the low guy that gets the other work,..........stick to your guns and Good Luck:waving:
  8. tinman

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    Exactly. Last minute stuff costs more. People who expect to be moved to the top of your list need to know it will cost them . Problem with some folks is tehy do not think you have a list or schedule. They envision us as sitting at home drinking beer after beer watching Judge Judy waiting on the phone to ring:)
  9. Jpocket

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    Id stay with $800. $25 perman hour is low enough. Just find a way to explain to her that it costs you money just to be in business. Some people think 'Landscapers" make a 100% profit. explain to her that you have costs and can't work for cheap. I would also make it clear to her that she is getting a deal, and that a job like that would normally be over $1,000:cool:
  10. Jpocket

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    I just ran a few numbers and I would bid around $1200. $25.00phr for the employee, and $50.00phr for myself.

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