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hurt knee looking for a temp ztr


LawnSite Senior Member
I think I tore up my knee bad today. I already got behind with all the rain here. Thougght about a 50 inch Toro that HD has. They sell it for 2800. I don't think my knee can take anymore pounding on the sulkey for awhile. I hate to even think about a res. mower but just bought a new hydro wb this year already. I do 20 lawns for mowing but some are every 10 days. I only do one big one, 3.5 acres and the rest are no more than 12k sq '. The wb I bought is 36 inch so 50 inch cut would be nice. If it was owner operated and limited to 7 acres a week how long before I would kill it...
Anyone running a res ztr in this same capacity. Thinking about getting one in the morning so I don't get further behind. Trying to get more work to try and bring a guy on but had to turn away 3 full year contracts this afternoon due to being alreadt way behind and can't hardly walk, trimming is bad enough let along walking behind the wb or even worse, riding. Anyway please help...


LawnSite Fanatic
st pete, FL
I think it would work for your situation. Most residential mowers come with a 90 day warranty anyway. And if you can sell it for 1/2 what you paid (which i am sure you can) then it will make it worthwhile. I dont know how your credit is, but sheffield and yard card arent the hardest companies to get financing through so maybe you would want to get a ztr anyway. The reason I say this is that you will see such a big difference in time and fatigue that you may not want to go back to the w/b. There is a ztr for all needs, and all price ranges and you can find out about financing online by going to the wbesite of any mower company that your interested in. But if you do go with the residential mower, it should be fine for you for a while. I just think you will end up running it till it dies and wishing you had got a good commercial one. The differnece between walking anf riding cant be overstated.