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    Hi everybody. I just wanted to know how you landscape guys are fairing with the economy / weather patterns? I have been down to my dealer's place this week as well as the local wholesale nursery. They both can be quoted as saying things are "deader than dead" The guys who cut grass are "alright" now the lawns are going dormant and people are gettin called to skip cuttings. The guys who do the big jobs are slow, they have had to take smaller jobs to keep busy. They are cutting back hours and even whole days. One guy's phone hasn't rang in the past 2 weeks. How is everybody here fairing? I am not afraid to say that I am dead for right now.
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    Here in Tennessee, we're 5 inches above normal with our rainfall. It rained us out today. I've never ever seen this much rain and this much green this late in the season. I'm sorry that we seem to have taken it from everyone else from Missouri all the way through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pa and NY. But at least if some one had to get it, it's just as well that it was us. I feel like it's our turn considering the lack of rain we've had for the last 3 years.
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    Finally getting some rain this week ... we have not slowed down from the hectic spring pace .... booked well into September for installs.

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