Husband tells me not to trim shrubs then lies to wife and, then asks for my equip

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Jun 23, 2006.

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    :laugh: OK here is a good laugh for Friday night (well after I got over the inital shock). Have a older lady that is my last bad PITA who had a shrub job from h*ll and I knew if I quoted her a price (about 35 hours worth) she would go beserk and yell. Her hubby always told me that if I do anything over 50 bucks to come tell him and he will pay the bill. I go by his office and tell him his wife is on my azz and I knew if I quoted her at least 1400 bucks she would freek. He tells me not to do it and will get his employs to do it. I go today to do the yard and she comes out rasing h*ll , said her husband told her I did not want to do the shrubbery for her. I thought for a second how to handle this and I told her that her husband was going to get his employs to do it. She said that was BS and I had enough and told her it would be about 1400. WHAT!!!***(**&*&*&*&, such language from a old lady. I just laugh at her and told her I knew that was the way she would react. I cant afford that she yells (they are very weatlhy). I tell her well thats to bad and leave. She calls my cell about 3 hours later and asks me if she could borrow all my equiment and she would do it herself and haul if off. After regaining my composure I asked her if she was joking and she said no! I told her I would not loan my equipment out to her or anyone, she then asks to rent it and I tell her sure, for 1400 dollars you can rent it:laugh: Huh, what, thats what you charge to do it. I said thats right, would you like me to do it now while its over 100 degrees and that price is only good today since I see gas just jumped a dime. Click goes the phone. What the h*ll are people thinking!:laugh: I did not appreciate her husband lying to her, man has no b*lls at all. Bad thing about it is when/if I move she in only 2 house down from me.
    When I went by the house I saw her trying to do them with hand shears and she was looking rough in that nice heat:) Some of the shrubs have not been trimmed in over 10 years to.
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    I just had one lady with an 18 yard mulch job say my price was too high. She decided to do it herself, took her 3 weeks and a LOT of bags. It ended up look ok, but she used regular dark hardwood instead of the died mulch I use. Betcha I will be doing her mulch again next year. I think she learned just how hard it really is to do a nice job
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    when these people go nuts over the price and you think to yourself well im not going to get this job ,do you ever get the urge to ask these tools just how much they are willing to pay.just out of a matter interest really.

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    died mulch? shi%! every died ive seen looks like a bad animated movie or bad special effects...just doesnt look right. Thats probably why she did it her self!
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    I think you are a bloody rip off payup wanting to charge her $1400- to hire the equiptment, i would have only charge $1390- plus i would have supervised for free,:) i would love to sit back in a chair drinking beer :drinkup: while yelling suggestions,:laughing: at the end of the day the original price may not have semed so bad after all :laugh: :laugh:

    :arsey flag :arsey flag
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    That sounds like a good idea too!
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    No, because the very second after they give me the answer I get the urge to beat the crap out of them for running off on the mouth.
    I already know on that 1400 job the lady was thinking 300-400 max but really 200 would've been nice, so why even bother to ask?

    What you got to do with people like that is double your price. It sounds like the wrong thing to do, but when you already know they are going to run their mouth over the price, as soon as you quote 2,800 for the job they will not freak or yell, the price will shock them like a lightning bolt and they just stand there frozen with a look in their eyes that resembles that of a deer caught in the headlights of a car (which gives you the opportunity to walk away and leave).

    Because I got tired of hearing it, it got to the point I was no longer sure how many more times I could control the urge to grab them by the neck. The great part is every once in a moon, one of them says yes at which point you can always lower your price after you're done but regardless of what happens, all your base is covered and never no mouth (ok at least almost never).

    Even throughout the job (for the odd yes), they never bother you, no more pita bs, the price really shuts them up.
    This is what I mean when I talk about making customers put their money where their mouth is.
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    mate i certainly wasnt suggesting that we eventually do it at their price thats for sure.when i read your post i could diffently relate.i did a quote not long ago ,about 3weeks ,and after i gave her the quote i thought chit that was maybe too cheap ,well i drove past there yeasterday and it looks like nobody has touched it.i feel like going down there and asking her what price she was expecting.people are strange i tell ya. i did a job last week and when i sent her the invioce she honestly thought i made a mistake and insists that i undercharged her.......go figure :waving:

  10. garth1967

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    no more angry pills for you topsites:laugh: :laugh:

    seriously though i hear ya and i think your spot on there


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