Husky 150BT Backpack blower and E10 Gas

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Thinker, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Thinker

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    I am in the market for a new blower and the Husky 150BT manual says to avoid using gasohol (such as E10 or higher) as this will "damage the rubber and disrupt engine lubrication". Hard to believe Husky has this statement since E10 used in many states and E15 may be on the way. In my state, the gas stations are not not required to label the gas content, but most if not all use E10 from what I understand. BTW, Echo states E10 can be used in their backback. Has anyone run gasohol in a Husky 150BT without a problem? Does the 350BT have the same fuel requirement (the manual won't download off their site)?
  2. castlerockmo

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    I have done it before, but after seeing some small engines all gummed up and having to be rebuilt I run premium in all my stuff. I don't want to risk it to say a few Dollars!
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  3. Alan0354

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    Husky 150Bt is Redmax EBZ5100, so go to Redmax and check for information. Husky don't make those blowers.
  4. mbrew

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    Anybody that's running one in one of the major metropolitan areas is running it on up to a 10% blend, because that's all that's available in most of them. Most manufacturers word it a little different and won't warranty their stuff with ABOVE a 10% mixture. Kawasaki is one of them. I just read through my husky trimmer manual and it didn't mention alcohol at all. I seriously doubt that you'll have significant problems with the 10% blends. The 15% will give some engines trouble but not all.

    FWIW it will be a long time before there's nothing but E15 available because their are to many cars that will have trouble with it. Also, just because you use premium don't think you can't get an alcohol blended fuel, pretty much everything that comes out of the pump here has some level of ethanol.
  5. Thinker

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    Problem is, I read some anecdotal reports about Husky denying warranty claims because E10 was used as was stated in the manual. With the widespread use of E10 it is hard to believe their engine is not designed for this fuel while the competition has. I have an email into Husky, but I check Redmax too. But if there is a warranty issue I think Husky will prevail.

    I hope your right about E15. Just this Sept a study proposing the convertion to E15 was presented by ethanol lobby to the EPA. No mention by this group on damage to small engines or older cars.

    Yes agreed that premium is probably E10 also. I usually run mid-grade for the extra additive package and octane.
  6. unkownfl

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    I've been running mine for three year with 10%. That's all that's available here. I have never changed or worked on my 150bt at all still 100% original including the plug. I bought it from Lowes and had no intention on having it worked on. If I can't fix it I'll buy a new one. No sense in throwing money into these things because before you know it you'll have more than what a new one cost. I just set my broken stuff aside and use the parts for the newer units.
  7. ucfbrian

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    A lot of what you are seeing in the warranty statements is just Husqvarna passing the warranty down from the carb manfacturer either Walboro or Zama. Both of those manfacturers still make a lot of carbs that they do not recommend any ethanol usage. The 150BT is an older model and has been replaced by the 350BT. As a dealer, I have not seen any problems with either of these blowers from using normal E10 pump gas. I always recommend that the buyer uses premium, it burns cooler in the machine and tends to have a more consistant mix of gas and ethanol. Looking through the owners manual for the 350BT, I did not see anything about not using E10 in the blower.
  8. gasracer

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    My local dealer said NOT to run E10 in any small engine. If you have use plus or premium. HTey make a product called "Star Blue" that states it will help with the ethanol mixture. We have some stations around town that still sale 100% gas.
  9. FryDaddy

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    I have the 150bt & only run the ethanol free gas. Or if you have to run that gas, try using stabil mixed with it.
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  10. Alan0354

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    Use blue Stabil in gas.

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