Husky or echo


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2620 is smoother, and feels stronger. Husky is lighter and better balance, and anti vibe handle.

both are nice.
2620 is a nice unit.Smooth as a babies back side an wow you can run some long string

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I find it interesting everybody so gun ho about the speed feed head. Ill take the stihl trimmer head everytime over speed feed
Head doesn't even matter because you can put it on any trimmer. Just spin it on, that easy. Or snap in a bushing and spin it on. Head has nothing to do with deciding on a trimmer for me. Balance is most important, followed by comfort (handles and gear angle) , and lastly weight which sorta figures into comfort. After that I want a big gas tank and torque.


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i tried the speed feed for a while on my trimmer. i don't see what all the hype is about. it's just as easy to use the regular spools to me.

i do have a speed feed that came on my echo 58v battery trimmer that i use at home though.

on my husqvarna i just went back to the husqvarna head. it takes more time to pull the string off the spool and cut it than it does to wrap it around the spool and put it back on.

when i use the speed feed the trimmer line likes to get wrapped around my arm in the process. :laugh: