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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by deltalawns, Jun 26, 2003.

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    I've owned this husky for almost three seasons.
    The girl only has 699hrs on her frame, but she's giving me hell.
    I took her to my local dealer three weeks ago. I told him about the problem I was having. A 25 amp fuse was blowing when ever
    I'd try to crank her up. My uncle and I trouble shot the lawn mower all day Saturday and most of Monday. We were told by a decent mechanic to systematically take the wire harness apart until the fuses stopped blowing. We narrowed it down to the connection coming from the engine. Monday afternoon my uncle and I took the mower to the dealer's shop I purchased the mower from. We gave him all the details we had about the problem including the troubleshooting. My mower wasn't available until Friday close to 4:45. It cost me $175.00 Including a belt and pulley they charged me for that I didn't need before bringing the mower in for service. My uncle and I scaned the mower up and down Sat. and Mon. and we never noticed the belt and pulley in the kind of shape they showed us. Around 5 o'clock
    I tried to drive my mower off the trailer and the fuse went out again.The shop wouldn't be open til Monday. Monday morning I took my mower in to be serviced. I was upset. I let the owner know about the problem with the fuse and also the belt and pulley incident. I noticed another zero turn mower they were working on was being lifted with a hydro jack on the pulley, the same placement of the pulley in question but belonging to me. My complant got me nowhere. The dealers company only said, "We'll fix it." Two or three days later I got my mower. They wanted to charge me $101.00 more dollars after all of this.They came up with an excuse to keep the money plus two dollars. It rained for a few days. Fri while cutting only one hour in since I got my mower back. It quit again. My uncle and I took it back around 10 o'clock that morning. Around Four that afternoon we went by to see what was the problem now. The motor was removed from my machine and the shop manager showed us where the problem stemed from. It was a disk that turned in the motor with wires that attached to a harness. The same connection we told them about the very first day we brought the mower in. The manager told us the part itself cost $195.00, next day shipping was $75.00, and labor would be roughly $55.00/hr. The manager said next day shipping would have the part here monday morning. Monday around 3:30 the mower was in the same place as Friday. I picked my mower up today June 25, 2003 near noon. I got a bill for $395.00. That will be 175.00 plus 395.00=$570.00 to get my mower fixed. Oh yah during the second visit the mechanic set a wire on fire while my uncle was watching. I finally think the problem was solved. the mower came off the truck and it would not start. The dealer wants to wash his hands of the situation and void the 395.00 bill and let me take my nonfuntional lawn mower to some one else. I don't know what to do . I'm still out of $175.00 and my mower is't running. this company has just about put me out of business. Does anybody have any suggestion?
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    From what you have told me it sounds like you had a diode burn out in the alternator. That should have been a easy diagnosis for a repair shop. I think I would find another repair shop.
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    It was a disk that turned in the motor with wires that attached to a harness.

    That description sounds like the stator. Although it doesn't turn the flywheel turns around it. Sounds like the shop isn't too good.
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    If you haven't already, get your refund and go elsewhere.

    This is a tinker till we get lucky shop.

    Sounds like between you and your uncle, y'all should be able to do the repairs.
    Might try an automotive electrical shop, one that does rewiring and rebuilding.

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