Husquavarna 24HP Briggs Not Getting Fuel

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by xjcamaro89, May 2, 2007.

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    HI, i have a practically brand new Husquavarna 48" with a 24HP V-Twin briggs motor, i have only 52 hours on the tractor after 10 months. Here is what i have observed, the fuel filter canister never fills up above 1/2, 1/4 most of the time, and then you can run the tractor and watch the fuel get sucked out till it is empty and the tractor dies, then if you let it sit, it will slowly fill up a little, and you can run it for another 15 mins, so i pulled all the fuel lines off and cleaned them out. Then, (and i dont know what made me do this) i flipped the fuel filter around so the arrow on the filter is pointing to tank instead of carb. As soon as i turned on the tractor on the fuel filter canister filled right up and the tractor ran and it seemed like the fuel kept coming in. I probably just unclogged the fuel filter and ran all the stuff into the engine, but it ran for another 30 mins and then started sputtering, this time the fuel filter was full and sputtering, so i put a new filter on and the filter filled up and then it ran for another 15 mins, and then died and the fuel filter was empty. I dont see a little hole for a vent on the gas cap, can i drill a very small one?. I have read other places about pulling the bowl off and cleaning the float. This tractor sat for about 6 months before i ran it, it came with a house i bought, the guy couldnt take anything with him to the retirement home he went to so it stayed at the house. I have all the receipts and paper work for it and it is still under warranty, but the warranty says that is covers the original purchaser, which i am not. So do you think they would still cover me? But any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Like i said before though, this tractor was only used maybe 5 times to cut grass last year and then it sat all winter, and then i got it and started it up 2 weeks ago. And there is only 52 hours on it. Thanks guys and if this is not in the right forum, please move it, thanks!

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