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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mag360, Jun 20, 2003.

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    New dealer let me take an XP series 61in 25hp Kawi out for the day thursday and I must admit it felt like a real commercial unit---not what I expected. Ran it all day with my turf tiger with rain in the morning.

    The results
    25hp Kawi is my new favorite engine---I've never heard anything so smooth

    Husky leaves as clean or cleaner cut as scag advantage (better vacuum)

    Stripes about the same (very well defined)

    Scag cuts wet grass better (on identical lawns I had to raise the husky's deck 1/4-1/2 inch higher than scags to avoid clumping

    Scag cuts tall, thick grass better

    Husky is faster and over 400lbs lighter

    Husky is slightly more comfortable (standard seat)

    ---New Turf Tiger---$8700 or so

    Verdict---very nice---don't pass over them

  2. Grass Master

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    Save yourself a ton of money and buy a FD Kees instead.....same thing as the Husky (Kees builds Husky) but a lot less money!!
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    That will depend a lot on the dealer. My dealer sold Kees mowers and Husky 2-cycle. Now he has some old Kees mowers he can't sell, and Husky won't take them back. I ended up with a Husky 48, that was almost $1k less then the (new) Kees unit that was 2 years in stock.

    You'd think Husky would help the Kees name get liquidated, but they are leaving that to the dealers, most of whom are mom and pop outfits and can't afford to absorb that kind of loss.
  4. Grass Master

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    They are not getting rid of the FD Kees name...

    They are going to stay in competition with each other and, in my area, the FD Kees mowers are less money than the Husky mowers and are almost identical.

    FD Kees has always built an OK, middle of the road quality machine and the Husky models are basically the same.

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