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    After much reviewing I got a Husqvarna 125B today. I thank all for their honest post. This is my first gas blower. I needed something for easy fast lite cleanups. The 125b weighs less then 10 lbs. Starts easy, and has plenty of power for a hand held blower. I tested it out at the mother in laws today. She has more than enough walks and leaf dropping trees to put the 125B through it's paces. One thing I read about here was that all hand held blowers were going to get your hand tired in a hurry. I was ready for that. Looking at the pictures of the 125B I noticed there were slots in the front and rear of the handle to attach a sling to. I just happened to have a string trimmer sling with 2 clips to attach to the front and rear of the handle.


    I worked the unit without the sling until my hand and wist got tired. I than went with the sling. The sling makes it a different machine. All the weigh is on the upper body, the blower rest on the side of the hip, and the hand guides and points it with ease. I was able to pile up several large areas of leaves in short order. It's not going to take the place of a back pack blower, but the 125B with a sling is comfortable to use for a 1/2 hour or more. Now I'll go get the 150BT Monday.



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