Husqvarna 128LD trimmer review


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Had this husqvarna weed wacker a few days now, been working great.
It's replacing a troybilt, that literally destroyed itself. It's kinda hard to explain and I don't have any pictures of it because my temporary fix proved permanent. Anyways, that Troy bilt bronco was getting old and it had a hard time idling and you would really have to feather the trigger or it died.
Anyways, I was originally looking at the husqvarna 324LDX, since it's a four stroke and I hate the mixing of gas and oil, and I know it has a Honda engine. I'm a big fan of Honda engines. They run nice and smooth and I or anybody I know hasn't ever had a problem with them.
The x in the model number means it's a professional grade unit, and it doesn't take consumer grade attachments, so that was a bummer because I needed something that would accept the tiller and edger I had for the troybilt. The 128LD was the only model that would accept these attachments and I didn't want to get another troybilt. (You get what you pay for.)
It really surprised me that husqvarna doesn't make a consumer model with the four stroke that would accept the trimmer plus attachments. I would think a lot of consumers would want a four stroke instead of a two stroke for ease of use.
It was really hard getting any husqvarna models in my area. I called all the dealers within 20 miles and only one had the 128LD but it was pretty far away.
That same dealer told me that he wouldn't even stock the husqvarna 324LDX because nobody buys them.
Well anyways the next day we were out by a lowes farther away and were able to snag one there.
One thing about this new husqvarna that's different than on the troybilt is that the husqvarna's clutch seems to slip a lot more when edging.
Anyways, here are some pictures.
The green gas cap means E-tech, which means it had a catalytic converter.



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