Husqvarna 224L true 4 cycle trimmers

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    Amsoil Saber is good oil, don't get me wrong but the 80:1 ratio is a highly debated topic. If Amsoil says to run it at 100:1 and you are running it at 80:1 then in theory you are running to much oil in your gas which can cause (depending on the machine) excess oil in your engine. Now, I have never had an engine releated issue caused by that oil but I'm am trying to follow the actual manufacturer's recommendations. I am not an engineer so I am not going to assume I know whats better for my engine. The engineers that manufacture these machines know what it takes to make them run good. As I get older and less rogue (HAHA) I trying to follow more rules than I used too.
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    Saber is rated for, and safe at 100:1. I called them and talked to them last year about it. They said it has been tested and proven safe at 300:1, but they recommend folks stay at 100:1 to be very safe. 80:1 is still less oil then most manu's recommend so I don't believe there's too much oil in the gas at 80:1, especially when all things considered, saber and HP Ultra are basically the same thing- synthetics. JMO:)
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    whoa whoa. :laugh:

    i've had my honda over 10 years. i've never "worked" on it. nothing has ever broken. perfectly 100% reliable.

    original fuel lines, primer bulb, carb, fuel filter, air filter, spark plug, pull cord, etc. etc.

    still cranks first pull every time.

    not a single thing has broken.

    i checked the valves the other day. 1st time in 10 years. they were still in perfect adjustment. basically you'll never have to adjust honda valves unless you have the trimmer for 25 years or more.

    i'd put my honda up against any 2 stroke on the market. i guarantee my honda would last longer and require less "work" done to it through the years.

    you guys are mistaken by saying 2 strokes last longer than 4 strokes. ask an engineer.

    remember 2 stroke dirt bikes? they lasted no where near as long as 4 stroke dirt bikes. they do have more power and higher rpms. a 250 2stroke is equal to a 450 4stroke. the 4 stroke will last longer and be more reliable though.
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    Yeah, I see what you mean. I have always been a fan of synthetics. Thats what brought me to Amsoil in the first place. People are going to think I am crazy, but I will take pictures of this to prove it if I need to. The Red Armor has cleaned off the top of the piston and the exaust port. I had slight amount of carbon build up. You can now see a clean piston from the spark plug whole. It's crazy. I always thought I would be a Amsoil guy but believe me, I was blown away by this.
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    My 8 yr old/run RedMax I outlined earlier was run with Opti & whatever premium fuel I found for the first 5-6 years...then E-free premium and Opti until I retired it in favor of a Stihl FS-80R. I've since used Stihl Ultra. It is less odoriferous than Sabre, imo.
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    I get what you are saying and that is great. I'm honestly not sure how long my equipment will last if I did ZERO maintanance. I have invested a good bit of money into my tools and want to take care of them. Like I have said the Honda I'm sure is a great product. It's the only mowers I buy. I (My Opinion) think the small four stroke is not proven by a mass group of people. Many of these guys work hard for there money and want something proven to work, so they go on to LS and read forums (Like this one) on what to buy. The Honda like most Hondas is a good machine but because you own one doesn't make it the most reliable product ever. Some people take care of there tools only to find them breaking down all the time. I go out of my way to take care of them and don't have issues with my equipment. There are so many varibles in this world. You could have recieved a perfectly engineered Honda while your neighbor gets one built on a Friday. LOL
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    i didn't mean zero maintenance. the only maintenance required is changing the 3oz of oil every 50hrs and keeping the air filter clean which is done like 1 time a season. it hardly gets dirty since the air filter is up in the air away from the ground where the trimming is taking place.

    i meant zero breakdowns or problems.

    i see what you are saying about the "mass group" of people in this industry. that is a problem though. people just get a stihl because that's what their dad used or their grandpa used or a company they worked for used. the thing is products in this industry are always changing. especially with today's economy.

    mass groups of people don't seem to understand this. they just keep buying the same 'ol thing because that's what they've used for years. then they wonder why they start having alot of equipment issues and more costs for repairs.

    this is something i've noticed in this industry. people seem to just follow what they see everyone else doing like a robot and without thinking for themselves. it's really sad to see. everyone should just research and figure it out for themselves before they buy anything. i can only share my personal experiences on a site such as this. i don't go around blowing smoke or making up things just to try to sound like i know it all or anything of the sort. i'm simply trying to help other people out. it's funny to me because 90% of the time my experiences are different from most everyone on here when it comes to most things. i think it's because 90% of the people in this industry are just going with the flow of the masses and aren't taking the time to figure it out for themselves.

    i do things alot different than most on here. it's what works for me and it's proven to work for me. i'm solo. i use a 4 cyl 4x4 toyota truck and haul a 5x10 trailer with 1 54" ztr on it and everything else in the back of the truck. this works.

    now is this the same as the masses? not at all. they all mostly use v8 gas drinking trucks, 6x12 or bigger trailers, trimmer racks, etc. etc.

    does that make the masses right and me wrong? not at all. i'm spending 1/2 as much money on fuel each season so which way is better? of course situations are different and there are many companies that need bigger trucks and trailers since they do snowplowing and have crews and so forth but you see what i'm saying.
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    The main reason a 4 stroke will last longer normally is that they operate at much lower rpm's. Not so with the handhelds made now. The 4 strokes run very close to the same rpm's as the 2 strokes do. because of that fact alone, they won't last any longer when both are taken correct care of. Like I said before, the very design of a 2 stroke should make it last longer with less chance of breakdowns due to having a lot less moving parts internally.

    I am old enough too remember when 2 stroke dirt bikes didn't last that long, but again, it was more a matter of how they were treated, and the difference in RPM's that made them not last as long. Now days with 4 stroke dirt bikes revving almost as high as their 2 stroke counterparts, they don't last much longer if at all.

    One last thing about the 2 strokes of yesteryear- the tolerances weren't nearly as tight in many of them back then as they are now. Slop leads to wear, which leads to breakdowns.

    I am not in favor of one over the other where handhelds are concerned, but I prefer the 2 strokes because they do rev quicker and are lighter. 4lbs is 4 lbs, and at the end of the day, it adds up for an old timer like me.:laugh:
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    I see your point. I am a solo too. I have a mix and match set of equipment because I try and buy the best of what I can I the time. Being a solo you know as well ad I do that you can't afford to have broken tools all the time. It's good to see a trimmer like the Honda be so reliable. I started out with a old homelite. I got so tired of that piece I saved my money and bought a shindaiwa. At the time that was the highest regarded trimmer. I spent everything I have for that and a Honda masters mower. Needless to say I hardly has a dime left. Today even with the crap these companies are making now my shindaiwa and mower are still running.

    No one can argue the reliability of a Honda. I have to have hundreds if not more of hours on my Shin. It keeps on ticking. I may one day have to take a look at them and judge for myself how they run.

    I have a couple of questions? ??

    Can you operate it in an position without issue?

    Can you rev it high for extreme periods of time?

    How long can you run on a tank?

    After all these years does it burn any oil?
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    ah come on man. you're not that old. get some dumbells and start doing some curls. :laugh:

    i'll never forget my grandpa. he was 83 when he died and at 83 his grip was stronger than mine and i was in my 20s. he had alzheimers but physically he was still strong as an ox.

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