Husqvarna 326LD problems help needed

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by playersc, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. playersc

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    I have a 2009 Husqvarna 326LD line trimmer that runs hot after about 10 minutes of full throttle operation, this unit will not idle or even restart until it has cooled. After the 4th time going to the dealer with this same problem they now tell me that the way I operate this unit is why it is running hot. I have a 2006 Husqvarna 323L that I have ran full throttle for a full tank of fuel many times and have never ran into this problem. Am I missing something, has anyone else seen this?
  2. Impressions Landscaping

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    I don't know much about the Husky line of trimmers, but this goes without saying that on most pieces of equipment full throttle is fine, even for extended periods of time. Unless your running it without the shield, which if it doesn't have it it might mean that to much string is getting out and putting an additional strain on the motor. I'd bring it right back to the dealer and tell them you want an even exchange, explain that you give them business and that it isn't right that it a line trimmer still isn't fixed. I mean seriously, its a 2 stroke motor, how much can really go wrong? After 4 times the dealer is probably just telling you its you since they can't find another problem with it. Demand a new trimmer, if not take the next step over the dealers head and get something done.
  3. lawnboy dan

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    these have so much power that full throttle is seldom needed. take it easy and see what happens
  4. Alan0354

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    I say demand an exchange. You have paper work for all 4 times? Keep those as record. You should not have to settle with this. It could be gas tank ventilation issue........ But who cares, get a new one.!!!
  5. milo

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    tell dealer to try to make mixture richer, sounds like running lean, that is probally all it is
  6. EagleGrounds

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    Why would he tell this to the dealer? If you aret making your own mix then time to go back to first grade.

    Serisously. Take one gallon of gas and pour a pre measured pack in it?
  7. tallimeca

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    2 things I would ask is 1) Does it have the correct spark plug. Most new engine in the past 6 years are all running resistor plugs. If you don't have a resistor plug in there, you will experience what you are seeing.

    My next thought would be a faulty ignition module.

    I don't think air/fuel is your issue, however, make sure you are running 89 octane fuel or higher.

    We've had a lot of equipment come in this year that runs like crap. Can't find anything wrong. Dump out the fuel and put ours in it and it runs fine. Just alot of water suspended in the gas mix.......runs like crap.
  8. milo

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    ahhh, maybe you need to go back it dont matter how much gas and oil you mix you can mix the gas at 10 to 1 and that dont make it richer or leaner.. maybe you should learn something about a lean and rich mixture, gas mix has nothing to do with it, its fuel and air. before you open your mouth make sure you what your saying
  9. lawnboy dan

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    i too have seen a big increase in h20 in gas this tear. its the ethonol-it attracts and adsorbs water
  10. ucfbrian

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    You are partially correct, but you are referring to the gas/air mix ratio when the engine is running. In a 2 stroke you also have a gas to oil mix ratio wether it is 50:1, 40:1, etc. The Husqvarna 326 trimmer requires a 50 to 1 gas mix.

    I am a Husqvarna dealer in Florida and rarely ever see any of these trimmers come back in running hot. Like someone else asked, are you running the trimmer guard on it? Without it on, you will get too much string out and put a strain on what the engine is designed for. Also with too much string out, it will not be revving all the way out and than the cooling fins on the flywheel will not be pushing enough air past the engine to cool it properly for the extra heat that it is creating. Also, when it is starting to run hot, are you loosing power or not being able to rev it out still? The 326 trimmer also has a catelytic convertor type muffler on it, as do most of the other brands out there, what kind of oil are you using? A cheap oil can plug the muffler up and make it run harder.

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