Husqvarna 326LS trimmer head?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Dave Archer, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Busybee Lawns

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    well the guards on the 323 and the 326 and so on etc. are the same on all 300 series
    I belive what you have seen when the dealer got you the 326, he had to put on the guard. as they come out of the the box that way, with no guard. as far as the trimmer head t35x the blue tap( does not spin with the rest of the trimmer head) or spines independent from the trimmer head. can't remember. but you can look under the tap it pull right off. or just ask the dealer if he switched them or how to tell the differance?
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    I'm gonna second what Busybee said on the Speedfeed head - get the universal fit one to be sure it will fit.
    Do a search on SpeedFeed in this forum and you'll see why.
    Not sure about the exhaust routing on the 323, but the 223 and 323 trimmers have a very good rep.

    I have a 326 trimmer, but I bought it used because I needed the power head to run a 326 articulating hedge trimmer that I got without the powerhead. I don't think the trimmer head on mine is from the factory, it is some bizarre triangular shaped thing that looks like you attach individual string to each leg of the triangle. If you want it, you can have it.

    Just get the Speed Feed head and be happy!
  3. Dave Archer

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    On the 223 and 323, the top of the engine cover has a vent cutout in the plastic engine cover. The majority of the exhaust can be felt exiting the rear cutout area, but around 1/4 of that exhaust can be felt coming out the top of the engine cover, right onto my left elbow and forearm. I can cut with both hands but prefer to hold the handle with my right hand and trigger with my left. I saw it as a major issue, not just a minor annoyance like some people had said. Hot exhaust on my arm all day is nothing short of unacceptable. I upgraded to the 326LS which does NOT have that plastic vent cutout on the top. Now, it gets warm on the plastic if I choose to rest my arm on the trimmer, but there is no exhaust directly blowing on my arm. I took the 326 to a field with the largest of weeds and was more than impressed what this 2 stroke accomplished. Even though I was being an azz about the Stihl, I remember my FS110R powering down weeds on my brush jobs. I had always been a Stihl person with the BR600 and other machines by Stihl, but thought I would try 2 cycle this time. I do need some adjustments on the carb though on this machine, as I am at 2500 feet above sea level. Gotta love the power of these trimmers.

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