Husqvarna 350BT will not start, checked everything. Need your help!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by scottycam, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Sorry for the delayed response everyone. I wasn't and still not, getting my update alerts..

    OK, so lets see..

    Bigfish: I replaced the gas with new gas and proper oil mixture.. still no go.
    "dirty/clogged HS/LS passages. Ya gotta pull the needles and clean" by needleS, do you mean the needle that inside the carb? I believe the term is float valve and seat? If not, can you elaborate more on that part? It might be something I haven't checked yet..

    Calvin: I looked up the flywheel key.. I didn't get an explanation of how it works, but from what I saw, looks like its something for the flywheel to catch on, to make it "spin"? Looks intense to change that.

    Dutch: I did spray the jet with carb cleaner and it looks to be clean and doesn't look like there's any buildup or blockage.

    Kubota: I was going to put gas down there but a few questions, (sorry, I'm too analytical). How much do I put down there and can I put in the oil/gas mixture or am I putting in straight gas?

    Another painful step that I did, that got old really quick, was that I took apart the carb after a few tries and adjusted the lever/seat. Not sure what I'm doing with that piece but that didn't work.

    Also, I do have compression. Good Compression.

    Does anyone know what the proper spark plug gap should be?
  3. scottycam

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    Also, what's the proper adjustment for that lever/seat?
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  5. scottycam

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    Thanks Dutch!! I actually had that link and lost it. I'm going to try that and also, I was able to find out that the spark gap should be .020. So will also try that too.

    What does a weak spark mean and how do you resolve it? Curious to see if the spark is not happening with compression.
  6. scottycam

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    Put some drops from the fuel reservoir into the spark plug hole and it fired up. Not sure how long it would've stayed on for because I had to shut it down quickly (Almost midnight and didn't want to wake the neighbors).

    What does that mean? Not a bad carb right or is it?
  7. kubotaorange

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    It means you have a fuel/carb issue. Double check all the basics. Good fuel lines with no cracks in them? Tried using fresh mix gas? Loosen the gas cap while you start the motor and see if it fires up, could be a plugged up fuel cap vent. If that type of stuff checks out, you've basically narrowed it down to the carb, get a new one. You could probably find one on Ebay cheaper than buying one from a dealer.
  8. scottycam

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    Thanks Kubota.. I will check the gas cap. Didn't know there was a fuel cap vent...

    However, I was able to use the blower for about an hour yesterday but that was after dropping in a few drops of oil into the spark plug hole (thanks internet)and then subsequently, a few drops of the gax mix in there again as well. It fired up and all was well, I shut it off, and then was able to start it up again with no issues.

    Used it and let it sit for about 2 hours and it didn't crank up. Fuel lines were visibly checked and it seemed fine. I could just go and buy a new hose and throw that on I suppose.

    So def a new carb then?
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    I haven't read the whole thread so forgive me if this has already been covered--is the choke closing completely? I've had a couple pieces of equip with same symtoms--would start and then run when fuel added to sparkplug hole, would restart when engine was warm, but wouldn't start when cold without fuel in sparkplug hole. I found the choke was not completely closing the air intake.
  10. scottycam

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    Yup, def sounds like it.

    1) How do I check to see if it is/is not closing completely?
    2) What did you do to fix it?

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