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Husqvarna 426LST

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Dose any one have one ? or seen one ? is this a unit from red max ? i guess they merged is that correct ? thanks guys have you heard a price ?
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The 426LST is the Redmax trimmer, with a Husqvarna handle and trigger, Husqvarna Gearbox, and Husqvarna T35 Tap head. Everything else is the same.

Just like the blowers. Same as the redmax with Husvarna molded gas tank, orange engine cover, longer tube and different handle , also offering tube mounted throttle.

There are also some hedge clippers from redmax this year. You will see more and more of this next year. Eventually........Redmax will say "Redmax, by Husvqvarna" The name it'self may even be phased out in the states.......who knows.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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