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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Cutting-edge, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Cutting-edge

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    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has experience with Husqvarna homeowner mowers, I've read the threads bashing their commercial equipment. However, comparing a 54" to a Cub at Lowes today the Husky had larger front & rear tires, and deeper deck, although it also had Briggs motor versus Kohler.
    Also wondering if anyone has experience with Swisher, specifically their 60" tow behind finish mower. Does it offer a good cut at 5-6 mph, not at commercial ZTR speeds.
    For reference I now have a Crapsman, enough said.
  2. nmurph

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    forget about the husq and cub cadet. i spent the better part of a month mulling over these machines, then i read about hustlers and it was love at first sight. a hustler mini fasttrac 17/42 can be had for a couple hundred $ more and it is a heap better mower. better frame, better warranty (3 year bumper to bumper), better motor (kohler or honda vs b&s), better deck (welded vs stamped), higher blade speed, higher ground speed, superior mfg support.........better cut. the blades actually continue to turn when you reverse both levers (both the husq and the cub d/c when you reverse). i'm sure there are other things i have forgotten, but you get the point.
    find a Hustler and fall in love.
  3. Cutting-edge

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    Actually that would be eleven hundred dollars difference in price. And yes, with the deck being 12" smaller, I would need more ground speed. As a matter of fact, with the extra 1-1.5mph and those little 18" tires, I could get some air over the bumps and ruts instead of cruising comfortably on 23" tires.

    I don't have obstructions all over my place, so I don't need a ZTR. And the reverse safety switch is easily over-ridden with a snip of the dikes. I have thought about a commercial mower but I have just about made my mind up to buy a mower from Lowes or tractor supply and save a few bucks to put toward my Kubota tractor with cab and front loader.

    I would still appreciate hearing from anyone with input relative to my origional post. Thanks
  4. T.Wells

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    Yes, most of your points are true but there is one that I've seen mistaken several times. I owned the Husqvarna CZ4217 (from Lowes) for several months. On this ZTR, the blades to continue to run while in reverse. With that said, I returned the Husqvarna and up-sized and in my mind upgraded to a residential cub cadet ZTR. I like many others disabled the safety feature so that the blades do run while in full reverse. It takes about 10 minutes to complete this modification.

    After those points, yes the Hustler IMO is a superior machine but for me it was not a good fit. I have a local cub dealer that I enjoy doing business with and I wanted a 50" cut rather than faster ground speed.


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