Husqvarna blower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scenery Lawn Care, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Scenery Lawn Care

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    Im in the market for a blower, i have searched a few handheld ones, but in the fall when i start blowing them i really do not want to have any problems. So im thinking backpac i know some of you will probally be negative since im thinkin about buying this at lowes, but i figured id see if anyone had anything positive. down below is the website seems to have good power 692 cfm. So does anyone have this blower? I would get a sthil but since im just starting out i dont have an extra 500 dollars just lyin around. so anyone have any good experience with husqvarna?
  2. yungman

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    I think this is made by Redmax, if so, it should be good!!! I have seen Stihl BR380 for $329, might want to put it in the mix.
  3. montiac30

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    I have one and love won't be sorry!!!!!!!!
  4. Zooropa93

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    Why buy from Lowe's when just about any Husqvarna dealer WILL BE THE SAME PRICE as them on the 150BT! and if you ever need service work on it you won't be back of the line like the Lowe's customers are. I'm nearly always the same price as lowe's, always have 6 mo. same as cash just as lowe's yet people still buy there and then wonder why their repair work comes after those units we sold here.

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