Husqvarna brush saw issues

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by craynernh, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    I have an approx 5 yr old 325ix brushsaw/line trimmer that has been used around the yard/homeowner use mainly as a line trimmer. a vibration started in the unit about a year ago and early this year, the pullstarter ceased to turn the motor over. I brought the unit to Chappell Tractor on RT125 in Brentwood NH where I was told the unit needed a new driveshaft and a starter prawl, a repair that totaled $300. In this economy I wasn't happy, but the unit served me well to this point so I had them fix it. I returned home, started the unit TWICE, the third time, the pullstarter again failed to turn the motor over.

    I returned the item to Chappell Tractor and the service manager told me he'd have them look at it - he called me the next day and told me that the end of the crankshaft had broken and the repair would be cost prohibitive. He added that he "felt bad about the situation" and offered me $75 off of a replacement unit.

    I'd like to hear comments on this situation. In my view, you have an authorized dealer/service center employing service technicians that seemingly perform their job function to the sole benefit of the sales force. If the tech did his job properly, I would have been informed of the fractured crank when I initially brought the unit in, and subsequently spent the $300 that was used to repair the unit towards a replacement. Now I'm out $300, down a trimmer/saw unit and seriously in doubt if I will ever purchase another Husqvarna product again - this from a guy who waived a flag for your company and products for years. I'll certainly never do business with Chappell Tractor again

    I contacted Husqvarna on this and was pretty much told to go pound sand, as their dealer told them that I broke the unit post-repair. I started it twice - once to see that it ran, then used it once to take some 18" tall root suckers off a Hickory stump, the third time I tried to fire it the pullstarter didn't engage...
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    Man, that's a tough one. To be honest I'd have thought the fitter should have noticed some irregularity when running the machine up. In 35+yrs of repairing I've not encounted this situation. Trying to put myself in his position I think I would have at least give you a second hand machine f.o.c as a gesture of good will.

    Hope things work out,
    atb Phil

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    Couple of questions first;

    How much did you pay for this unit when new ?

    Did they show you where the crankshaft broke ?

    If so where did it break ?

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