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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Peterw, Mar 27, 2013.

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    Are the old bz series any good?
    Hi there,
    First post. I have been offered a 120 hr BZ34 d , with a 61 inch deck and vanguard 3 cyl diesel on board.
    Dealer is in france where i am located. They are still selling these things new in france, but from what i gather, they have been superceded by the PZ series.
    It looks a great machine, but i have reservations based on the not too great reputation of the cheaper husq model zero turns.
    Are the BZ commercials as good as the current PZ series? What were the problems if any of the bz series. What are the upgrades that you are missing on the bz that the pz has?
    Hoping some of you users out there can give me a quick run down.
    The dealer has the mower listed at 9750 euro and i have him down to 8000 euro. The recommended retail is 19,500 euro but they are discounting them new down to 15,000 euro.
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    Well I never ran a bz but i own a Dixon pz version and 2 Dixon lz versions which were produced the same time as the bZ. Now there is a huge difference in a pz and most other machines not just a bz,lz,iz. The pz has a 10" spindle housing a 7 Gage deck a great frame, overall an awesome mower. The bZ I believe has small spindle housing and the the lz aren't really better than any other mower. Just a deck a seat n an engine! That being said if it were me and you feel the price is right I would not hesitate to buy it. If I could get a pz in the same ballpark then hands down I buy a pz 10 out of 10 times! Hope that helps.
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  3. Peterw

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    Well thankyou for the reply.
    Were the spindle housings a problem on the bz series?
    Not being a mechanic, i dont quite understand the significance of the upgraded spindle housing. Is it power? Is it durability?
  4. TFLE

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    Whoa.... 19 euro?? That's like $24,000 us dollars. For a Huqavarna? Holy moley. Even at 8000 euro, thats over 10k which I guess is about retail for a diesel mower.
  5. castlerockmo

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    The bigger spindle can handle more abuse than that of the smaller ones. At one time huqsvarna put aluminum spindle in. They suck!!
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