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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheLawnBarber, Feb 26, 2007.

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    It appears this W21 Husqvarna is more exotic than a Ferrari. No info on them anywhere nor from any whom.

    The auction is on Monday so I guess I'll pass unless it goes very cheap.
  2. jkilov

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    Well, pulled the trigger today and for $200 it's mine now.

    First impression: holy smokes this thing is heavy and the height adjustment mechanism is horrible (thin handles pry in your flesh), but construction vise it feels solid as a tank.

    As stated the engine is shot with hardy any oil on the dipstick, so I'm off to get a new engine. I have one on stock but will have to check the crank. This apart the mower looks like new.

    The good news is there's no BBC, what I though was the brake is actually just a bracket with some sort of crank protector bearing/bushing? and the rear bail is not for the BBC but engages the drive.

    I will give it a better look towards the end of the day and tomorrow since it's forecast for rain.

    Is JimQ still on Lawnsite? I want to check a few details about this mower.
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    Normally I don't do reviews but since this thread has had 1000+ additional views yet no comments I'm providing a short impression on what I have christened the blacksmith's mower.

    Since the new motor had no tank I had to reuse some parts off the existing unit (tank, cover, recoil) including the throttle bracket and now it's as good as new. After washing the dust off, you can tell this mower maybe had 5 hrs on it, I took it with me last week for a park job.

    First of, this thing is over-built more than any other 21" I have seen. The deck in some places is 1/4" thick which is nuts. The height adjusters though sturdy can rip your hands off if you're not careful.

    Even with the stupid combo blade the mower leaves a high quality of cut and fills the bag 100%, even if it's slightly wet. The bag has a slight problem with clippings getting caught in some places.

    This one has no BBC, but comes with a massive bracket sporting what I assume is a crank protector bushing in case you run over something.

    Transmission is a 3-speed TuffTorq/Kanzaki TL3C with an internal clutch. Clutch is designed not to be feathered. 1st is fine for tall grass, but 2nd and 3rd are kinda geared too fast for my taste. I have checked at the dealer and parts can be ordered for this transmission.

    Wheels are aluminum with hard rubber tread. Rears come with massive metal gears for the self propel. Zerks are in place to periodically grease the final drive.

    What I like most about this mower is how clean the underside of the deck is and the large discharge opening. No belt recess, no bolts, nuts or transmission parts in the way. The engine does sit a tad higher on the deck than usual.

    And now to the bad parts: apparently there is a limit as to how heavy a 21" can be before the weight starts killing productivity. And at 130 lbs Husqvarna has reached that limit. This mower has been beefed up by brawn rather than brain and sadly is too heavy for most of my work. I'm keeping it for the heavy stuff where my Snapper may fall apart. At $450 total, it's not a bad investment.

    As far as durability goes, I can't tell till I've had it for a few months, but the impression is good so far.

    I am giving Husqvarna 3/5 stars for giving it an honest try. A mild re-design would make this mower much better, if not the best in it's class.







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    I still drop in from time to time. :waving:

    You're right. The W21's are pigs! Man are they heavy!

    If I remember right, the W21's only made it 2 or 3 years until they were discontinued.

    I cracked up when I read what you had named the machine! :laugh:

    "Blacksmith's Mower" is VERY appropriate! "Blacksmithing" was a term that got tossed around from time to time when the W21 was being developed. She's far from refined!

    Yep, that's a crankshaft support on there. The second generation, "Improved" AKA "cost reduced" version. The early crankshaft supports were spun discs.

    Seems to me that the JD JX75 blades will fit and probably improve cut quality and REALLY pack that bag.

    I remember the drive bail being a bit uncomfortable after using it for a while.

    Just keep the dive lubed and she should be pretty problem free for you.

  5. jkilov

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    I have switched the cables for the bails (front is now drive) and it's much easier to use now. The rear one doesn't clear the side grips (like on a honda of toro) forcing you to take your palms off in turns which was becoming unbearable on a 130 lbs machine.

    The question I have is with the TuffTorq tranny, I used to run a JD mower where the cone-clutch would wear/burn out if you feathered it for too long. Since this mower is 130 lbs I'm wondering if the same applies here?

    Been using the blacksmith mower all week and I'm starting to like it.
  6. JimQ

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    Yep, the same applies to that transmission as the old Deere you ran. Tuff-Torq says "DO NOT SLIP THE CLUTCH". The drive bail was intentionally made not feather friendly to avoid that problem. However, in my opinion, with a HEAVY rear wheel drive machine, feathering is pretty much a necessity. I believe that's one of the shortcomings of the design.

    They do have a nice stiff, tight feel to them though. The deck does not flex. The handle was made extra-stout, one-piece. Ball bearings in the wheels...

    It should serve you well for many years. But, when it IS time to move on to a new walkbehind, you'll feel like Superman! Think of the W21 as a "Medicine Ball" for LCO's! :weightlifter:


    Take Care!


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