Husqvarna commercial mowers.....How are they?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RLLServicesCT, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. RLLServicesCT

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    Now, I have never used husqvarna commercial machines, but anyone who has, how are they? How is their cut quality and ease manuvering? Here is one I recently saw advertised for $2900. About 700 hrs. 52'' deck, hydro. New are going for about 6K

    husqvarna 12.jpg

    GOOSEHANSON LawnSite Member
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    I own a Husky iz5225xp rider, I have only used it a total of 15 hours but seems to be pretty solid...don't know much about the walkbehinds but there quality looks pretty good.
  3. mdlwn1

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    Iv'e used them for about 9 years now. Husky doesnt actually make the mowers. They're actually Exmark or ransomes I think. (not sure which brand) The engines obv are kawi or Kohler (depending on what market). If you like the machine and think its a good deal, buy it. Some of their smaller walk behinds actually cut better than similar Toro or Scag models. (quality of cut at a reasonable volume of grass)
  4. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    I am also curious about the Husky zero turn riders. I have the chance to pick up a 48" brand new rider with the 19 Kawi for $5,900....let me know what you think and how the cut is?? I usually running a toro, So don't want to be disappointed with a worse cut quality....
  5. yardatwork

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    They are good mowers. If you get Z and add a bagging system, do not get the system that uses the motor/vac with the garbage can looking bagger. That system does not bag any better and you're using extra gas to run the bagging motor. Also, the boot/shoot system sits really low to the ground and chances are you'll scalp or hit stuff causing your boot to get all dent and bent. The boot is made with very thin steel and can't take the abuse of commercial mowing. Just get the belt driven bagger. It's more rugged and does the same quality bagging.
  6. Damon Max

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    Our aluminum side mount catcher for the newest non- tunnel Husqvarna decks is just about to hit the street. Give our factory a call and we can give you the details.
  7. JimQ

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    All Husqvarna branded commercial turf care products are made by Husqvarna Turf Care in Beatrice NE. We have no association with eXmark, or Ransome.

    Husqvarna does however build Dixon, Yazoo Kees, and Bluebird equipment.


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