Husqvarna Deck Problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MO LAWNCARE, Apr 11, 2005.


    MO LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    i have a zth6125xp that leaves trails of grass. husqvarna's fix for this problem
    was to install a baffle kit under my deck. the baffle kit is there mulching kit.
    now it leaves uncut grass everywhere. anyone here have a problem with there deck on a husqvarna zero turn?
  2. Mower Man

    Mower Man LawnSite Member
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    Which deck do you have, great ole' reliable flat top, or the new Tunnel Ram?

    MO LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    I Have The Flat Top Deck. The Right Side Of The Deck Gives Me All The Problems
  4. scottishmaximus

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    I demoed one and it had this problem when cutting full speed in high grass (2 weeks wet spring growth). It was only the discharge side. I figured that all of the grass goes through that blade and the blade could not suck the laid over grass from the front wheel. For me it wouldn't matter because anything that high i double cut anyways. You may try higher lift blades and double blades. Also, maybe flip up the discharge chute if it isn't already.

    MO LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
    from de
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    I Have Tryed Different Blades And With The Discharge Chute Up And Evne Took It Off
    I Bought This Mower Last Year And Had Problems All Year. Its Not Just The Wet Grass That I Have Problems With. I Was Promised The New Deck And Still Getting The Run Around
  6. Mower Man

    Mower Man LawnSite Member
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    This is a great cutting deck, and 99.44% of the problems are maintenance.
    So, it shouldn't be hard to diagnose.

    Have you checked:
    1. Tire PSI? If so, what PSI do you use in the front? Rear?
    2. Checked deck for Pitch?
    3. Deck for level?
    4. Are blades absolutely straight & square at the ends?
    5. What blade are you using?

    MO LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
    from de
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    This Deck Sucks
    1- Front Tire Pressure I Beleive Is 28psi Rear Is 20 Psi I Keep What It Says On Tire
    2- Deck Pitch And Level Was Checked Out Buy Dealer
    3- Oem Blades I Beleive Are Mid Lift Blades
    4- I Keep Blades Sharp And Dont Have Rounded Edges
  8. Mower Man

    Mower Man LawnSite Member
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    Yes,.......your right....the "deck sucks".

    Due to it's design it actually creates a bettter vacuum, and greatly reduces well others have been copying it.

    Now on to the problem.

    #1 Correct tire for the mower isn't whats on the tire. That is the maximum PSI by the tire maker.
    In the owners manual is the recommended PSI. It's 15 PSI on ALL tires. You can change it, but start from there so the mower set up is correct.

    At the PSi it's set at I'd think your teeth, a$$, and back would be sore from the pounding.

    Tire PSI directly affects tire diameter, which in turn affects deck height. It maybe that the rear of the deck is now pitched backwards, which makes the blades double cut, drags down engine RPM which reduces cut efficiency.
    In addition the deck isn't designed to carry grass around which is another problem created.

    2. Was it wrong from the factory that he had to do it?
    Was it actually done by the dealer?
    Was it done correctly?
    Did it stay correct? No bolts/nuts loosened?
    Have watched dealer after dealer, and cutter after cutter do it wrong on almost every brand at one time or another.

    This deck is the easiest to "Level & Pitch" I have ever seen, but if the directions aren't followed.......SNAFU occurs.

    3. My question #4. Are the blade edges straight, and the outer corner square?
    75% of stripping problems I see with everything correctly set is caused by improperly sharpened blades, blade damage, and /or wrong blades.

    So. lets' go a little deeper on the blades.
    A. Are they kept flat on the bottom edge?
    B. If a straight edge was laid on the cutting edge....would the sharpened edge be straight along the entire sharpened adge,....or do you see a slight taper (angle) away from the straight edge?
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    Mo Lawncare,

    I know your problem. It's common with this deck. Trust me. Forget all you have read or heard. Here is what needs to happen....


    I've had experience with 2 of them and neither were straight from the factory.
    The first one had a dimple behind the center spindle that caused the center blade to hang 3/16" lower in the rear than in the front.

    The second one has the more common problem that I believe you also have....
    The deck has a warp/twist that has transfered to the weak side. (discharge side)

    I am very tired right now, but I will return later with full instructions on how to check and confirm this.....
  10. Media Lawnscape

    Media Lawnscape LawnSite Member
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    Sounds like a problem with Husqvarna across the board.

    I demo'd a Husky and the quality of cut was one of the worst I have ever tried. The dealer was really pushing them as he was stuck with a bunch in inventory.

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