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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greenman, May 2, 2003.

  1. greenman

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    Does anyone here at LS use all Husqvarna or, all one name brand, like Shindaiwa? I am shopping for some new equipment, and Im looking at a Husq trimmer. I already have a BT bp, I like to way it feels and the adjustable handle. But, why is hedge trimmer so much more in cost compared to the Stihl,(Husq is $379, and the HS45 is $259)? Anyone have a Husq 21"? They have a new one out with Honda motor and Honda BBC.
  2. 4-Leaf

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    You didn't say which husky hedge trimmer was so expensive ... but, my guess would be that the main difference in those two trimmers is the "size of bite" on the trimmer. The HS 45 is more of a homeowner version. If you look at the HS 80's, they go for around $360. (And they have a bigger "bite")

    I had been using a homeowner version of a hedge trimmer for 2 years and decided to upgrade because I was getting more and more hedge jobs. When I upgraded to the Stihl HS 80, I could not believe the time it saved me. If I had known the difference that hedger would make, I would have bought it two years ago. The difference is absolutely unreal. In addition, I had been cutting pampass grass with a chainsaw .... this hedger rips thru pampass grass like butter .... and none of the grass gets stuck in the equipment either.

    Anyway -- before I bought that hedger, I asked for input on this site. I used the input to make my decision. Turned out to be a smart move.
  3. LawnGuy73

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    Personally I don't trust hus. I'll stick with my echo..
  4. Grass Master

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    Husky stuff seems to be very average at best.

    I have tried the trimmers and blowers and am not impressed.

    However..their chain saws are top notch!

    Stay away from the commercial walk behinds and riders!!!...they are FD Kees equipment painted Husqvarna orange!! and..way too much $$'s
  5. masterpiece1

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    I have had nothing but problems with my husky equipment. Lawn mower and trimmer. Spent more time in the shop than on the yard. It's only two seasons old. No reply from husky customer service either.
  6. greenman

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    Im not looking into Husq mowers. I love my Exmark!

    The Husq hedge trimmer is was referring is the 326HD60/24",24.5cc,12.3 lbs,$379 compared to Stihl HS45/24",27.2cc,10.8 lbs,$249. I dont see much difference in size and power, but the price difference is ridiculous.

    OH YEAH! I am now a LS addict!!:D Woohoo!
  7. Grass Master

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    The Stihl HS-45 hedge clipper is in the HOME scaper series made for HOME owners NOT commercial landscapers....

    Try the Echo HC-150...nice and lightweight and only $249...a true commercial unit

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