Husqvarna iZ4817 Commercial..anyone know about these?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TC Lawns, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. TC Lawns

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    I need some opinions. I am looking at a second mower and came across a Husqvarna iZ4817 Commercial zeroturn. It is a 2005 model, less than 500 hours. Does anyone have this model? are they reliable, or and I just buying a cheap mower? It was owned by a homeowner that cut some grass on their farm, so it wasnt used commercially. They seem like a cheaper version of the big Husqys. I know they dont stand up to Exmarks and Toros, but I need some opinions on this mower. Im not to sure about the 17hp motor in it. Seems kind of small.
  2. DeVries

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    Take my advise DON"T BUY IT. I had one for two seasons and got rid of it after we put just over 600 hrs on it.
    I had the 23hp kawi on it motor was good but in wet grass the deck would keep the grass in and wouldn't spit it out. The machine would keep on bogging out. In order to get it to cut again you had to shut the deck off and let the grass fall out of the deck and then start cutting again.
    In dry grass it didn't have the suction that the Ransomes or exmarks do and it didn,t strip the way we wanted it to.
    Fuel caps leaked and we had them replaced twice under warrenty.
    For some reason it sucked on hills. I'm not sure if it was the tires or what but it just had no traction even since new.
    The straw that broke the camels back was one of my guy's put it into a pond. Well it wasn't running right after that and I bit the bullet and bought an exmark. A much better machine.
    What I look for in a mower is dealer support, engine, deck thickness, and amount of suction that you get with the deck. The more suction the better the cut.
    Sorry for the ramble. Hope this helps.
  3. greenred

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    Out of curiosity was the pond at the bottom of a incline? One of my dealers talked about guys mowing on hills with a body of water at the bottom that are damp from rain or dew - and when they reach the bottom they are going to fast for the conditions and cant get any traction to turn or stop and they slide out into the water. He said it happened on a regular basis.

    sorry for going off topic
  4. JimQ

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    The iZ4817 is a decent commercial machine. It's not a "cheaper" version of the LZ and BZ, just a smaller version of the bigger machines.

    It has a smaller footprint than the Husqvarna LZ series. It takes up less room on your trailer. The downside to a smaller footprint is reduced ride quality and hillside performance.

    I'm not sure what 48" deck that machine has on it. It could have either a flat deck or a TunnelRam deck. Both decks cut well in average conditions. I agree with some of DeVires comments regarding the TunnelRam. It does struggle in wet grass. It tends to load up. In the extremely dry stuff, it has some blowout.

    The 17hp Kawi does just fine on that machine. The machine weight is pretty low, so there is plenty of power leftover for the deck after moving the machine.

    Overall, it's a good machine. If you found a good deal, don't hesitate to pick it up.

  5. Hartnett Lawn Care

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    Hi there....I have a 4819LZ and it has worked has a five year warranty which is good. You can't fit a side bagger on the tunnel ram discharge system. My dealer tried to get one from Accelerator but it never fit right and I believe Accelerator stopped making it for the tunnel if you want to bag grass your stuck with getting a side discharge system.

    I have noticed that it cuts well and disperses the grass but you have to clean out the underside often or the grass gets stuck under there. I paid $6000 for mine and it was listed for $6900. ... end of the season sale.

    I had a scag 48 inch walk behind but injured my hands and needed a rider zero turn.

    Good luck

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