Husqvarna iZ4819 versus Toro 74413

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MeCasa, Jun 21, 2007.

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    I'm neither a lawn care contractor nor a homeowner. I own a construction company and I need a decent mower to maintain properties and/or jobsites, I thought about a used mower and worked ebay for awhile but I'd like a new machine with a decent warranty. I've narrowed my search down to a Husqvarna 2006 iZ4819 for $5,000 including shipping to Texas and a 2007 Toro 74413 with suspension seat for $6,700 also including shipping.

    The Husqvarna is a lot cheaper but there are no dealers within 60 miles (however I fix my own equipment and if necessary could drive 60 miles for major repairs. Not sure of Huaqvarna quality as they are not well represented in Texas.

    The Toro seems like a strong machine (I've demoed one) but the price is steep.

    I'd appreciate any advice as I'd like to buy this week or next

  2. G.A.S.

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    Husq. manufactures a fine product. We have numerous pieces of thier equipment, nothing bad to say about any of them. However, I've heard good some good things about Toro as well. Sounds like you should really consider parts availability.
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    Thank you for your reply G.A.S.. I've considered parts and there's little doubt that Toro would come out ahead on that deal. I'm in a slightly difference circumstance than ya'll downtime wise as I don't make a living off my machines. I do have equipment that i use daily and as such I do realize the cost of down time.

    However, in the last few years I depend on the internet and phone more than I do driving, I live in a small area and it's sixty miles to a large city, it's become easier to ship items and not lose the driving time (at least items/materials that are not needed YESTERDAY)

    I'm getting closer to retirement and I own land in NY where I'll spend my dying days, they have a large Husqvarna dealer only 8 miles away and Husqvarna seems to be well thought of in Yankee land, of course they also have a large Toro dealer only 10 miles down the road.

    Does this model Husqvarna have any major weaknesses, I noticed that the spindles were aluminum.

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    Two things to say about alluminum spindles. A lot of brands run them, supposedly it dissapates heat better than iron. And the other thing is 5 year warranty, I haven't found another company yet that backs their product like husqvarna . That made the key difference on why i bought one.

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