husqvarna or cub cadet?


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Need a new mower for my 2.5 acres, old crap Murray only 4 years old (40 inch cut 12.5 hp Briggs) is about done. Burns oil every cut. Lowes has a 50 inch cub cadet that has the pedal you press to go faster (auto trans) with a Kohler motor. $2000. The Husqvarna is $1800, 48 inch cut with fender auto trans and Briggs motor. I am leery of Briggs now, if it had a Kohler or Kawi I would feel better. The Husq I think may be better and more ergonomic because of the fender mounted hydrostatic trans (more comfortable than Cub cadet gas pedal perhaps?). Which one would you guys pick? Or are there better choices in the $2000 range? Takes me 3 hours with the Murray now.


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I would get a used zero turn, a commercial model. used in a homeowner application, you should be able to get probably 10 years or more out of it. the two keys to this are to get one that has unquestionably been maintained properly up to this point in it's life, and to keep it maintained to the manufacturers recommendation.

problem with asking us to evaluate the two mowers you mentioned is that many of us know a great deal about commercial models, but we don't know much about homeowners stuff. i can say that i would rather have a kohler than a b/s, but the b/s is not a bad motor.


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Have you looked at JD line at Home Depot? I bought a Scott's
(same thing) in 2002. I only have a little over an acre, so I bought the next to smallest. The one I bought has a 17.5hp Kohler and pedal controlled hydrostatic tranny. It is SWEET. You can go as slow/fast as needed. It also has cruise if you're gonna be going same speed for awhile. I also like that they have hour meters and spin on oil filters. Love mine.


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Hey mobile fleet. You can get the exact mower you mentioned with a kohler.

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