Husqvarna PZ6034--G6 Gator Blades?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by matt_m, May 18, 2013.

  1. matt_m

    matt_m LawnSite Member
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    The blades on my Husqvarana PZ6034 measure 21-1/8 x 2-1/2 with a 5/8 hole. Any reason I can't run a G6 gator blade with the same measurements but 1/2" wider?

    Not real thrilled with the blade life on the stock blades which have been run maybe 16 hours and just got their 3rd sharpening and probably no more left. we've got really sandy soil which just kills blades. The Gator blades my dealer sold me are fairing slightly better but I think they must be G3 blades.
  2. parrotfeathers

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    I'll be interested also to see replies. I go through blades in record time on the Kubota. Usually I just put new ones on.
  3. LandscaperPro

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    Even though the G6 blades are standard 3" wide, they are still the same length as the blade they should be replacing since blades are measured diagonally. But, with some TORO mowers have a saddel that goes over the blade and some do not accept a 3" blade, only 2-1/2".

    However, I can not find a Gator G6 blade in 20-1/8" but, there is a Gator G3 blade available. The G3's are standard 1/4" thick but only 2-1/2" wide.

    If interested on price of this blade just let me know.

    Landscaper Pro
    1-800-222-4303 ext. 124
  4. matt_m

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    According to the manual its a 21" blade even though mine measure more like 21-1/8 diagonally. It looks to me like the blades are offset and overlap enough that the 1/8" wouldn't make a difference and obviously slightly long isn't an issue.

    No saddle on the spindles here. Just a big flat area.
  5. dwost

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    If they fit you will LOVE them. I've done a ton of experimenting on blade types and running doubles. I feel the G6 is by far the best blade on the market. Good luck!
  6. matt_m

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    I contacted Oregon's technical support department which was quite helpful. They took a day or so to do some research, then got back to me with a G6 part number. 396-727 which was the one I'd figured would fit based on dimensions.

    Also talked to my local Husqvarana dealer who really only wanted to sell me an Husqvarna blade even though they are also an Oregon dealer. He mentioned there's a heavy duty blade from Husqvarna that's 3" wide.
  7. LandscaperPro

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  8. matt_m

    matt_m LawnSite Member
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    I got a set and gt them put on Friday. I should have mowed Tuesday but it was threatening rain and I didn't leave work until quite late so I skipped it. Big mistake as it rained Weds and Thurs on and off so it was WAY to long Friday. The G6's did a great job, there's just a lot of stuff sitting on top of the grass. Glad I have the ZTR as the old compact tractor mower deck would have left major windrows.

    We have a lot of dandelions right now in the back parts of our yard (I can't see spraying close to 4 acres of lawn) and I've never had a lot of luck getting them actually cut. These blades did the job and you'd never know now.

    I'll get a second cut in on them in a couple days.
  9. matt_m

    matt_m LawnSite Member
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    I've got about 8 mowings on 2 sets so far. First set I stuck on out of the box and after 2 mowings decided I should have sharpened them so I did the next set and swapped them out. That set I pulled after 4 mowings (6 hours) and did a quick sharpening. They were in WAY better shape than any set I've used for 4 times. Cut seems great too as does the distribution of the cuttings. Now if my lawn wasn't so weedy after last year's drought, a dry spring, and now heavy rain fall. Clover and ??? seem to be choking out the grass. Not thrilled with the prospect of spraying 4 acres.

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