Husqvarna Sharpener - I'm sold

Discussion in 'Tree Care Equipment' started by PTP, May 16, 2017.

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    I recently tried out this sharpener and am very pleased with the results. Some Swedish guys were talking about it on Youtube and it looked good so I thought that I would give it a try. Well, I used it on an old chain that I used to cut off stumps. It was pretty beat up and almost used up. I had to pretty much reprofile the entire chain. It took over an hour of time but under normal conditions I think that we are talking a few minutes of work per chain to just touch it up. Once I was done, it was almost like a brand new chain. I think that I could have improved my technique just a bit but I was able to go through about 18" of seasoned oak with little difficulty. I had just the slightest curve to my cut which leads me to believe that I could have done a better job with the rakers (I did them all from the same side. I should have switched sides.) but for the most part the results were great.

    I used to freehand my sharpening but this little tool is a game changer.
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    yea these are great tools I have a set, I still freehand because its faster but ill use the tool every few sharpens to keep the proper angle and check the rakers.

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