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    I have a 70Lp and the door/gate is broken.. Part # 525568403. When will it be available?
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    Good Afternoon!

    Your diagram can be found here.

    Checking Husqvarna, it appears they have discontinued Husqvarna 525568403
    Shutoff Plate (Reference #2 on the diagram linked above). They show to have replaced it with: Husqvarna 525568303
    Rate Cam & Chute Assembly $9.19 (Reference #4 on the diagram linked above).

    Another alternative would be to order the entire hopper, as it states it includes Reference numbers 1A-4 on the diagram linked above (which includes the discontinued Shutoff Plate.

    Please feel free to contact our Customer Service professionals at 1-877-798-7278 if you have any further questions!

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