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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by noahb195, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Hey Noahb195 i have and use daily the husky 426LST and i love it.
    For years I have only used stihl's but last summer my trimmer was a ***** to start and i was getting mad and one day went to the husky dealer and got the 426 and since that day I have only been happy. Its got lots of power, one thing you have to do is choke it to start. You could use it for a hour then let sit for 15 minutes and you will have to choke it but it starts on first or second pull everytime. Someone metion it was a redmax and he is right husky bought them out and just put the husky cover on it. All in all it is a great machine.

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    I was using my 323L at work all day today and then when I got home I noticed the bottom leaking a little bit of oil.....what should I do ?
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    Yeh, try it and you'll see. I talked on Tool Shed Forum and few cases happened already. One case engine seized and I told him to take the plug off and drain the oil. It worked. You know this is not Honda problem, all engine with separate oil will do that. You have ring gap, imperfect seal of the compression ring when not running.

    Try run the engine, then stop and put it on the floor with cylinder facing down and let it sit over night. Try starting it. Likely it will be harder to start and will smoke for a little bit when started. Sit for a few days, it likely will not turn until you drain the oil out.
  5. weeze

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    i guess you are right but i never store it any other way than right side up anyways. i don't know why anyone would ever store it upside down or on it's side. :laugh:
  6. mtmower

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    I just demoed the 327LS. Nice and light plenty of power and quick response. It actually felt more like a 30cc motor than a 25 cc. I also like the spring loaded kill switch. I don't like the hard plastic handles even though the rear handle and engine are mounted in rubber and flex. Also the head of the unit is too wide and I found I rest it on my forearm so much it started getting sore and hot. This has not been a problem with my Echos or Tanaka.
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    It was just by accident, My Mantis gear box bombed and I had to disassembled and swap with Mantis, so for a few days, the engine was just sat in the wrong position. When I put the thing back together and fired it up, it took 5 or 6 pull to start and then it smoked for a minute. Then everything just went back to normal.

    In fact, the Mantis instruction manual tell you how to store it. They never explained why, just tell you how to store it. As I said, I had discussion quite a few times with people, it is not an issue as long as you know about it.

    How do you like the smoothness? It is just quiet and smooth. It make the other 2 cycle feels like a vibrating machine!!!. Hondas are just silk smooth. My Big trimmer with GX31 engine always one pull start, the Mantis is two pull. very little warmup needed.......say none!!! Honda actually make hedge trimmers with the GX25, they just don't sell it here.
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    Yes, I like the spring loaded kill switch. I have it on my Troybilt only. How many times I pull and pull just to realize I forgot to turn it on. I particularly hate the bp where it is so hard to pull. I have to step on the frame, push down on the top before pulling. If I don't use my foot to hold it down, I had times my left hand slipped and I pull the whole blower up by the string!!!! Last thing I need was to pull that sucker a few times just to find out I forgot to turn on the switch. Those 2 cycles are hard to pull!!!
  9. weeze

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    yeah mine cranks first pull after 8 years like it's brand new. very smooth and quiet and lots of torque. uses half the amount of gas as a 2 stroke. i'll never buy another 2stroke again as long as they keep making these honda engines.
  10. Alan0354

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    You really have all 4 cycles!!!
    I notice you don't have a hedge trimmer. If you even need one for occasional use, get the articulate short reach hedge attachment for your 324LDx. Husky and Shindaiwa are the only ones that have the short reach attachment. You can have very good control with that and you can trim lower hedges like a regular hedge trimmer......well almost. But if you don't have one, that will be the cheapest way to go. I have the Shindaiwa M242 with this attachment, I used it to trim rolls of boxwood. The main down side is the blade is only 20".

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