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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by noahb195, Apr 21, 2012.

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    i do have a craftsman 19.2v hedge trimmer that i use sometimes. it's very light and works very well. battery lasts 30-45 min and i have 4 batteries for it. it's very light. i don't do alot of hedge trimming so it works for me.

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    You did not list this!!!:laugh:

    Oh yeh, nothing to joke about the battery hedge trimmers, I have a 3" Craftsman 6.2V hedge trimmer for pom poms and for touch up. It is just as important as any other hedge trimmers.
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    ok i added it to the list now. :laugh:
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    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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    I am also picking up a 324ldx with edger attachment this week, and I'm almost as excited about using it as I am about throwing the TroyBilt in the trash can :)

    After reading through this thread about storage of the 4 strokes, I had a question. Will I see this leakage if it's hung vertically (trimmer specific hook that attaches to Rubbermaid's Fast Track System)? My neighbor who has a Stihl 4-mix was telling me that he first had the Honda but it leaked when hung it vertically. However I read somewhere that Honda addressed this and now it may only leak when on it's side or upside down. Do any of you with the Husky 4 stroke or a Honda store yours vertically, or are they all on the ground horizontal. I'm wondering if I want to use the vertical hanger, maybe try to tilt it slightly so the piston isn't completely level, if that makes sense.
    thanks for all the great info!
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    Please tell me how you like it when you give her a try!
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    I reviewed all the service bulletins for Honda trimmers as well as those for the General Purpose Mini 4-stroke engines and found nothing regarding oil leaking. [There was a safety recall on the 35cc model for a broken frame pipe, but the number of affected units was very small.] I would say any unit leaking oil is probably an isolated case; there's no evidence from Honda that any significant numbers of these units have ever had oil leaking problems.

    FYI, the Mini 4-stroke engines (GX25, GX25) use an interesting lubrication design. There is a round oil chamber that holds the oil, and when the engine is started, a propeller/spinner on the crankshaft turns inside the chamber and basically vaporizes the liquid oil into a fine mist. This is then circulated through pressure to the valves and other necessary parts and eventually drains back into the chamber. As a result, the engine is what Honda calls "360-degree inclinable" and that means you can operate the engine in any position (up-down-left-right, etc.) and be confident oil is getting where it needs to go. This design is very effective, and has been part of these engines since they were first introduced back in the mid 90s as a 22cc and 31cc version.


    Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding was my opinion alone.
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    It is ok to hang with the pull starter facing up. I hang mine vertical with the engine on top for years and never have a problem.
    In fact, if you see Mantis having the engine's flywheel facing down in operating and storing condition. That's the best position. I don't know about turning the other way around. I just know if you lie the trimmer on the side where the cylinder lie sideways, you're going to get it.
  9. Alan0354

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    You are only talking about when the engine is running, there is no problem RUNNING in any position, we are talking about storage. I have two, GX25 and GX31 and I know. I was even helping in Tool Shed Forum advising people about this and it work every time. If you leave it sitting in the wrong position for a long time ( off season), it can get so bad you have to take the plug off and drain the oil from the cylinder.

    This is not a defect, any 4 cycle with separate oil do this, try put your mower on the side for a day or two and you'll see. When the engine is not running, there is no back pressure pushing at the back of the compression ring to get a good seal, oil sip pass the rings into the chamber. There is no way out of this one. this happen to my Troybilt 4 cycle also.
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    I've had this Husky 322L about 10 years. It's had a steady diet of 80:1 Amsoil and it runs as good as new. I love the light weight.


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