husqvarna trimmers and blowers anyone?


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culpeper, va
wondering if anyone is using husqvarna? local dealer has approached us to buy equipment from them. don't know much about husqvarna - other than snow throwers.. so any help will be appreciated.


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Tallahassee, FL
I started out w/ Husq 2 stroke stuff- would not buy any more. Back pack blower doesn't move debri like I want it to (Stihl moves it better buy I won't use them either) and the gas line keeps popping out spilling gas dowm my back and messing up my entire day, trimmer would bog down too much. Could not find the reason. It would periodically just loose 50% power...just when I really needed it. Edger still works. But its on its last bit of usefullness.

I'm going Tanaka all the way. Have a hedge trimmer (32") and a LARGE trimmer (1.8 horse power).

Oh, and the final nasty point, Home Depot decided to carry the entire line...that tells me there's a comprimse some where.


John Gamba

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I love my 325LX. I would buy another one in a heart beat. EASY TO CARRY,Strong runner,Very dependeble.


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Smyrna, De
Thats funny because I was at Lowes and they had a Husqvarna trimmer there that was marked down and I got it for even less I think 150.00 for the 326LX and I love that trimmer real powerful light and starts everytime unlike my Stihl.


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I love my Husky 2 strokes. They start on the second pull everytime.:)

Mike Maguire

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Cumberland, RI
Hi Dave,

I just recently looked at the Husky Rider Mowers. I wasn't overly sold on the brand. I ended up buying an exmark.
The trimmers and blowers seem to have a bit more popularity and are competitive to Echo in everyway. For me, it would be the cost as a factor to help me make a final decision.

One thing of interest to me about Husky, was that if you make a total purchase of $10,000.00 or more in equipent ( any combination of trimmers, mower's and blower's ) Husky will give a 10% discount on the total sale.
That raised an eyebrow for me.

Good luck.

Grass Master

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Not a big fan of Husky 2 cycle stuff...

not enough power and have ran into some quality, service issues as well...

also, in most cases, the dealer base is not very strong to support landscapers especially in my area.
I have husky back pack blower, trimmer and edger.
The back pack blower works well, the trimmer I love. The edger works well, but not happy with the over all construction. Its kinda chinsy.....



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marianna, fl
Husky has a great reputation esp. with their chain saws. I bought two trimmers and an edger last spring that have been nothing but problems. They're starting to mass market through Lowe's and mail-order and I think their quality is starting to suffer as a result.


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west KY
I have been to three different dealers in my area looking for replacements for destroyed trimmer, chainsaws, and blowers. All three carried Echo, Husky, and Stihl products. All said to stay away from Husky trimmers. Engines in the three are equal but Husky very weak on trimmer heads, Stihl has the best head. They said Husky chainsaw recommended for hard every day use but the Stihls would outlast them and would be easier to start for occasional user. The blowers were more equal but Echo recommended for some reason I do not remember (quieter ??). The Echo products were recommended for older customers and women because of ease of starting. I have no experience with Husky products and only good experience with Echo products. But based on the dealers recommendations I bought Stihl. The dealers, and service men, made these recommendations based on their experiences with the different brands.