Husqvarna zero-turn dies when blades engaged

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by davelobi, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. davelobi

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    I have a Z4217 Husqvarna with the 17.5 hp Briggs Intek.
    It is cutting out (dying) quite often while mowing.
    If I keep cutting when it starts dying it will shut right down.
    If I stop it will usually catch back up and keep running.
    Usually, if I disengage the blades it will stay running and dies more if blades are left running.
    I can't quite tell if it is cutting out electrically or fuel related but it seems electrical to me.
    I have removed and cleaned the carb but didn't find anything suspect there. Fuel filter flows freely. Gas cap is vented and free.

    Is there common things I can look for? I wonder about the multitude of electrical connections with the many safety switches everywhere.

    Thanks in advance for your wisdom or ideas.
  2. CorkyE

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  3. davelobi

    davelobi LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Corky.
    Mine seems different. I'm not losing the pto or mower deck, my engine is stalling or getting shut off.

    I removed (bypassed) the fuel filter just in case. No better.
    Tried running at less throttle, got a ways further, had my hopes up but started acting up again.

    I'm thinking it may well be electrical but cant find anything obvious yet.
    I don't see any type of fuel pump. Looks like it is just gravity feed to the carb bowl.
  4. StanWilhite

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    You can determine if the carb mix is too lean and causing a "lean out" by applying choke (just under the amount it takes to cause "sputtering") while engaging the deck.
  5. yankdownunder

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    Husqvarna is crazy about micro switches [Swedish nanny state]. I had some starting/running issues with a Husqvarna, solved it by deleting most of the "safety" micro switches. How are you to let the engine cool down by running at idle if it cuts out with a seat switch? Get off to open a gate and have it shut off? Stupid.
    That may sound out of date, old school, but years ago, we had to use our brains while operating equipment.
    Dumbing down makes people stupid.
    Ride that ball.
  6. MRCo.

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    Sounds like your engine ain't getting the fuel it needs to supply power to move the mower and the blades. Try mowing a touch slower. How's your air filter? Checked the valve adjustment and cleanliness? Bypassing valve reduces compression and thus power.

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