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Fayetteville NC
Does anyone use Husqvarna equipment? All of my equipment is Husqvarna and I love it. I never hear much about Husvarna, and I wonder if I am missing something. Is there something wrong with it?



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If you love it, then nothing is wrong with it. Don't worry about what other's say or think.
I use some Husqvarna equipment. I like it just fine. Seems to me people either love it or hate it.


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I have a Husk Trimmer.. But its hangin in my garage with cob webs all over it..


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Ricmond Va
I have an aerator by Husqvarna an it is really a Bluebird, they bought Bluebird out. Works fine for me. All my saws are by them. I have looked at their mowers and they seam like they are well made.


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East TN
Got a 48"-15hp walk-behind. I have to say it cuts beautifully. It's a '03 and we've never had an issue with it. However, I did ask a Husqvarna dealer about trade in value and it was quite low in my opinion. $750.00 in great condition. It is a belt drive though.


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I work at a hardware store part time and sell Husky's. their commercial stuff is very good. They are well built and will look good long after you buy it as long as you give it a good cleaning now and then. I started out with a consumer unit (CZ48" 17 hp.) It never gave me any problems. I sold it cuz I got a sweet deal on a country clipper. (I would love to talk about country clippers as well.)

I also own a Husky snowblower, chain saw, 21" walk behind, and stick edger.

I have had now problems with any yet. All are at least 2 years old.

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Brick NJ
I bought a Husvarna weedwacker.....GARBAGE it never runs right, the head broke after 3 or 4 uses. I bought another head and it broke again. It now sits in my garage and collects dust. That the only Husvarna i used so i didnt have a good experience