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    I am not a business owner, but have become the recent owner of a Hustler 340. I have gone through all of the fluid/filter changes and etc... and it is up and working great; however, the whole setup came with the brush, mower deck, and 2 wing mower decks. When we picked it up it had the brush attachment on. That was easy enough to remove. We hooked up the mower deck, but can't be completely sure that we have everything hooked up correctly because there are extra chains and springs not attached to the deck (maybe they go with the wings, but I am not sure). The serial number for this model is 0875806. We have checked with one of our local Hustler dealers and he has not been able to come up with any manuals for us yet. Is there anyone/anyplace in particular that I might be able to get a hold of some manuals for this equipment?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Chris Dixon
    Eudora, Kansas:confused:
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    Please call 1-800-395-4757, and talk to our customer service department, they will be able to help you with anything you need.

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    Thanks, the reps were very helpful and professional. Upon verfication of my equipment, the manuals will be on there way.

    thanks again! :)
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    Drake, I live nearby in Stilwell, KS and own one also if you need help drop me aline. @ Go KU

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