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    Hustler makes a geniue product. Why even look at other mowers. Really they have done alot of thought behind their products. They are very low maintance. Smooth to operate. They dont have all the bolts and nuts like the other ones do. Very low to the ground and mow great on hills. I have 2 of the a 60 and 72 Super Z. Going to purchase a new one this spring. Thinking of a rear discharge. Wanting to some feed back on the rear discharge? The thing I am concerned with is the deck and the cut. Thank You
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    Thank you for all the testimonial and good words, we appreciate it !!
    As far as rear discharge goes, it is going to cut it and lay it down, it does not recirculate much in the deck, the clippings are gonna be longer.
    It does a great job for the applications it is made for.
    I would certainly demo one before you buy it, I would want to make sure you are going to be happy with the cut before buying it.

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    Leave the rear discharge alone. My neighbor was always watching me cut at very high speed and wanted a Hustler Super Z like mine. I noticed my dealer had a used rear discharge sitting on his lot that looked like new. The first thing I thought when I saw it was somebody bought that mower thinking it was going to be just what they needed and in a very short time found out it looked like you were wind-rowing hay to be baled with the rear discharge.

    Well, guess what, my neighbor went down to the dealer and saw how good it looked and decided it would work great cutting around his chicken houses because it would blow the grass out the back and not toward the cool cells. He bought the mower probably at a very good price because no one wants them around here. I was talking to his 76 year old father at church the other night and I said, "how does Rick like his Hustler" and his father said he can't seem to figure out why it just lays the grass out the back in a mat and doesn't spread it. I did not want to tell him if I could not sell that mower I would not have it if you gave it to me, sometimes you let people live and learn.
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    Hello, Dennis Lawn Care here from Belgrade, MO. We have one old Cub Tank M60,3 60in Hustler Z, and one week old 66in Super Z. My uncle and I are mowing over 120 properties some over 5 acers. We love our Hustlers, we have had no prolbems with them. We thought about rear discharge but, were worried about the lenth of clippings in tall grass. We mow 4 graveyards and thought this would help keep grass off of the head stones. For the price difference and chance of cut quality being poor, I think we made the right choice. If you do like the rear discharge, please write and let us know one way or the other.
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    jason flieg @ Fliegs Equipment, Ste Gen. has had a lot of great results with the RD. Talk to him about a demo.

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