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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lombardi, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Lombardi

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    For those of you that mow steep slopes, consider the new Hustler ATZ. I demoed one this week. This one had the 72" deck on it. On flat terrain it was very smooth riding. It has a seat that you can dial in your weight, adjust the lumbar and adjust the tilt of the seat back. It also left a very even cut.
    As far as mowing steep banks, that is where it was most impressive. I mowed a pond bank that has an approximate 30 degree bank. And yes, I have a slope meter that I use. Due to the ROPS and seat belt I felt very comfortable mowing this slope. I know some people question why they put the lug tires on backwards and I found out why. I could face down hill and still back up the hill due to the traction.
    Obviously, with this type of mowing you do not do it to see how fast you can get it done, but instead you do it to get it done safely, regardless of time. I had the front end up a couple of times but it was easy to control to get it back down. They have weights that you can put over the caster wheel spindles when mowing slopes. They are simple to add and remove.
    I was so impressed with this machine that I am having the salesman work up a deal for me this week.
  2. fred56

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    Thanks for the review, Dave. Was the extra length frustrating doing level work, and was the ROPS a problem near trees and/or getting in and out of the machine? Thanks!!

  3. Lombardi

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    The added length was no problem at all as I currently use a JD F935 which is a little longer than the ATZ.
    Yes, the ROPS can get in the way but it actually helped me more by brushing away any limbs that I came across. I did notice though, that on a steep slope the ROPS would hit trees simply because of the angle that I was operating it at. But, overall it performed very well.
    Also, the ROPS seemed to make it easier for me to enter/exit the seat. It was like having a great big handle to hold onto on all sides.
  4. Grass_Nerd

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    How does the ATZ compare to the 6400 Hillside? Or is that a whole different ballgame...
  5. Lombardi

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    The 6400 is made specifically for steep slopes. It has 6 lug tires and a cab that automatically tilts to stay level. Also the cost is a lot more. Close to $30k I believe.

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