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Hi Pj,

Can you post on the forum or email me photos of the new Hustler ATZ with complete detailed specs please?

I am looking at the new Kohler EFI 28hp model with 60 inch deck when it arrives in Australia, but I do a lot of steep work so maybe the ATZ would be worth a look. You mentioned the engine size, is it correct this model won't be available with EFI?

I hope to see some photos if possible, specs would be great so I can see what differences there are between the Super Z and ATZ except for the ROPS...

Thanks P.J.

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"A Perfect Cut Mowing Services"

PS, any solution to the scortched grass issue some have reported with the super z?

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You are correct,
We do not at this time intend to offer the ATZ in a EFI.
The differences in the Super Z to the ATZ are as follows:
ATZ Frame is longer
Wheel weights
Weight added to the frame of the unit, between wheel motors.
Different offset to the rims.
Different tires
Larger wheel motors
Ground speed is slower on ATZ
ROPS With roll cage and seatbelt are standard on ATZ

Specs and photos to follow....


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Hustler ATZ™ Specifications
Model Kohler
Horsepower 27
No. of Cylinders 2
Displacement 44.0 cu in (725 cc)
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Max. Torque 42.7 ft lbs @ 3000 rpm

Starter 12-volt (.8 kw), solenoid shift positive engagement

Ignition Electronic
Charging System 12-volt, 15-amp
Fuel Unleaded gasoline with octane rating of 87 or higher
Fuel Filter Replaceable, automotive-type
Air Filter Heavy-duty air cleaner to extend the service interval for excessive, dirty applications and improved performance
Cooling Air cooled. Fly-wheel fan
Governor Mechanical
Traction Drive System Type Dual hydrostatic. Individual pumps power two direct-drive wheel motors. Hydrostatic system operates on 10W40 motor oil.
Transmission drive (oil) cooler for increased system life.
Pumps Two variable displacement, axial-piston type. Each pump powers one drive-wheel motor. Hydro-Gear BDP21
Pump Drive V-belt drive from engine crankshaft
Final Drive Direct-drive high-torque wheel motors. One for each drive wheel. White RC 28
Filter 25 micron, spin-on type
Ground Speed Infinitely variable: 0-9 mph (0-14.48 kph) forward, 0-5 mph (0-8.05 kph) reverse
Steering Twin-lever steering provides independent control of each drive wheel. Speed, forward, reverse, brake, and turns are all controlled with hand-operated controls
Turning Radius True zero degree. Turns within its own length. Counter-rotating, independent drive wheels
Brakes Service: Hydrostatic dynamic braking. Parking: Automotive-style drum brakes. When steering levers are placed in neutral position, integral park brakes are automatically engaged Mower Drive Single V-belt drive from engine with electric clutch. Spring tension idler for extended belt life.
Front: 13 x 6.50 ¹ 6, NHS semi-pneumatic, smooth
Drive: 24 x 12-12, Carlisle AT101 ATV bar-tread
Fuel System: 12.2 US gal (46.18 l) Hydraulic Oil: 2 US gal (7.57 l) Dimensions Height: 71 in (180.34 cm)
W/60 in Deck Length: 87 in (221 cm) Overall width: 62 in (157.48 cm) w/discharge chute up Tire-to-tire width: 59 in (149.86 cm)
Weight:1500 lbs (680.25 kg)
W/72 in Deck Length:79 in (200.7 cm)
Overall width: 70.5 in (179.07 cm) w/discharge chute up
Tire-to-tire width: 59 in (149.86 cm)
Weight: 1540 lbs (698.39 kg)
Safety Features Operator presence system connected to deck and drive clutches. Stabilizer rollers at rear of tractor. Seat belt. Certified ROPs with 4-post roll cage Seat Standard: Molded-vinyl, suspension seat with armrests and seat belt. Fore and aft adjustment Construction Mainframe is 1.5 in x 3 in x .187 in (3.8 cm x 7.62 cm x .47 cm) rectangular steel tubing
Drive motors mounted to .179 in (.45 cm) welded steel
Front caster wheels mounted with roller bearings on each wheel
Front caster forks are .5 in (1.27 cm) steel
Deck Lift Foot-operated deck height adjustment. Pin for setting height, detent for transport position Controls Hand-operated choke/throttle, ignition switch, electric mower clutch. Integrated parking brakes
Indicators Hour meter, engine warning light
Cup Holder Two cup holders molded into the left side fuel tank. Accommodates nearly any cup size including Big Gulp™
60” and 72” Side-Discharge Decks
Type Free-floating mower using three blades with center blade to the front. Mower is suspended at the corners. Includes 6 deck-mounted rollers to improve flotation in rolling and uneven terrain.
Deck Lift Raise and lower deck from driver’s seat with simple foot-operated deck height adjustment. Pin for setting height, transport position.
Change cutting heights, hop curbs and trailer more easily.
Construction 125 in (.317 cm) welded steel. Solid 1 in x .375 in (2.55 cm x .95 cm) steel bars reinforce impact areas on trim edges. .187 in x .375 in (.47 cm x .95 cm) in box-section reinforced front edge. Reinforcements welded onto spindle mount areas. Steel deck housing is 4 in (10.16 cm) deep to provide room for high-capacity mowing.
Cutting Heights Foot-operated deck height adjustment. Pin for setting height, detent for transport position.
Height adjustment in .25 in increments from 1 in to 5 in (2.55 cm to 12.7 cm). Mowing Blades Heavy-duty, heat-treated, high-lift steel blade 60 in: 21 in x 3.00 in x .25 in 72 in:24 in x 3.00 in x .25 in
Blade Tip Speed 60 in: 18,350 fpm 72 in: 18,800 fpm
Blade Drive V-belt drive to all three spindles. Spring tension idler pulleys.
Spindles Machine ductile housing, 1 in (2.5 cm) diameter high carbon steel shafts and sealed ball bearings.
Flotation Suspended mower floats on four spring-assisted chains. 6 anti-scalp wheels are standard.
Discharge Chute Over-center design allows for chute to be folded up for improved trailering or to pass thru gates, etc.
Width of Cut 60 in: 60 in (152.4 cm) 72 in: 69 in (175.26 cm)
Trim Capacity (left side) 60 in: 3.5 in (8.89 cm) 72 in: 8 in (20.32 cm)
Accessories Mulch Kit Recycles clippings under deck allowing clippings to be cut and recut, then discharged down into the grass. Reduces handling of clippings, improves appearance, and recycles nutrients back to the soil.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Thanks PJ,

I appreciate the info.

Very nice clean pictures, and great specs, all my questions are answered now thanks.

Surprised the deck is not as deep as the Super Z, I guess being a purpose built machine cut and fast discharge is better than sucking the clippings up to be cut into smaller size and using up horse power...the extended frame would make it awkward for general contractors. But I know it is purpose built, and not built to compete with general Z's, so it can't be compared to them, not apples for apples, as a slope machine should be a winner.

Good work guys!

Thanks again P.J.

I think the new Super Z with 28hp Kohler EFI engine would suit me better as I think from photos of the Super Z I found in a search here it will handle my slopes quite well.

This forum is a powerful marketing tool, convinced me which brand and model is best for me after demos that leave questions, every question almost has been answered in this forum.

The red Toro will have a big yellow friend soon!


PS: Since getting my demo from the Australian Sales Manager himself from Brisbane, from his arrival onwards nothing has been a challange, over delivered in service and professionalism, left me nothing but 100% impressed, and since one of your clients introduced me to here I have been reassured the Hustler company has a strong belief in professionalism and prompt service and there to help, which leads folks into a safe feeling at purchase, this as everyone knows is not something you get from each company, and dealers and reps are the front line, every contact with a Hustler dealer, rep etc so far as been very reassuring.

That's for lifting the bar in this industry, others could learn from you by what I've seen so far!

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Originally posted by Tonyr
Thanks PJ,

I appreciate the info.

Very nice clean pictures, and great specs, all my questions are answered now thanks.

Surprised the deck is not as deep as the Super Z
No problem....
There was a typo in those specs, the deck is 5" deep, it is the same exact deck that we use on our full size Z's and Super Z's

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