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    hey mower consultant, I asked you about some spindles a while back and appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. Heres my dilemma. The closest dealer to me is 45 minutes away. i live in a city of about a population of 100,000 people with tons of lawn care companies. i love my hustler and think it is better than the other commercial mowers i have used. i was wondering if there is a packet you could send me about possibly becoming a dealer in my area. the only setback right now is that there are already 3 or 4commercial mower dealerships here. thanks
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    I cant send you anything, but I can contact our regional manager and have them talk to you.
    Since I am not familiar with your territory and if there even is a possibility of a new dealership being set up in your area, it would be best if you talked to someone who works your state.
    E-mail me your details and I will get them to who they have to go to.


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