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    Howdy every one. I am new to this forum and am seeking help on choosing a new mower. My history is that I have worn out 2 residential Snapper riders, several craftsman w/b 21" and a 2130 AGS (not so good drive line) Cub Cadet over the years. I now use a a Honda Masters Series self propelled w/b 21". The honda appears far and away the best of the lot. Older now I live on 3/4 acre with one area that slopes down to the street. My hill is approximately 30 degrees and 80' X 60'. The balance of my lawn is flat In addition to my lot I also cut my sister-in-laws property which is about 1 acre and across town. I have "shopped" local dealers for most brands and think I am going to buy a hustler. Dealer support seems far superior to the other brands in this area. My choices are narrowed to the FasTrack 18 honda/44" or a mini Z 19 kaw/44. 44 due to gates into back yards. I am 6'4 1/2' and 265 so I feel like I am swallowing the FasTrack. Question - as I don't care to buy again for a long time do you think the drive line in the FasTrack will hold up to my size and my slope or should I bite the price difference and go with the mini Z. Quotes are 4599 vs 6299. A demo is scheduled for Monday. Thanks in advance.
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    I am more worried about safety on that slope, 30 degrees is rather steep for a riding mower not designed for slopes such as our ATZ.
    Demo the mowers and see what one feels better for you.
    For the minimal amount of slope you have the FasTrak will be fine the hydros have a charge pump in them and I don't see it being a issue.
    Either mower will serve you well.


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