Hustler Deck Problem Any Infomation Would Help

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SuperFast, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. SuperFast

    SuperFast LawnSite Member
    from Tenn
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    I just got a Super mini z 52" 25hp kaw have been mowing with it for a while now and i am not able to stripe a yard because i have to keep over lapping. The discharge leaves a little bit of uncut grass and does not want to discharge properly and I'm getting sick of it I have bought the new blades and also had my dealer cut out the 1inch on top and 3inch on the bottom of the discharge area and still get the same problem i hated to spend 8,100dollars on the unit it to start with and i thought i was making a good investment but i see other cutters
    running circles around me with there mowers is it possible that the discharge is still to small. what should i do it only has 25hours on the mower. and also will it cost me to fix the mower when you have found the problem Thanks
  2. tstrong

    tstrong LawnSite Member
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    Post this in the Hustler forum on this site and see what P.J. can do for you. He has been helpful to other Hustler owners with problems.
  3. SuperFast

    SuperFast LawnSite Member
    from Tenn
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    I have and have not seen my post yet. And that is the same post i sent them i just cut and pasted it here to see if anyone eles is haveing or had the same problem and to see if anyone has a way of fixing it Thanks for the reply.
  4. captken

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    Is this a "daddy bought" mower? :angel: I see by your profile that you are 18 years old. Uncut grass on discharge side? wrong blade or blades? just learning to drive it? Inexperienced operator? I had my deck cut out per instructions, and it improved the cut. I have never experienced uncut grass on the discharge side unless I took too big a bite and skipped a strip.

    Talk to the factory and ask for customer service, technical support.
  5. imograss

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    Clean the underside of your deck, this messes up the airflow and will leave a poor cut. Make sure you have the correct blades as well. I have the Super Z and I did the deck mod. as well and have experienced great results.
  6. SuperFast

    SuperFast LawnSite Member
    from Tenn
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    I all ways clean the underside of the deck and i bought the blades from the dealer and i hope they know what kind of blades go on it i got the best ones they offered it was the new designed blades and the dealer was the one to cut the deck and my family is poor i payed for it my self I'm 19 now I think people need to work for what they get because you have more respect for your equipment and you take better care of it unlike a lot of teens/mature adults if there parents buy them something they hotrod it or do stupid stuff because they did not pay for it they don't care how much it cost they think if it brakes dad will fix it (BS get a job like everyone Else) at some point people need to grow up in to adult hood and take responsibility for them selfs.
  7. Woody82986

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    After 12 years of public schooling, did they not teach you where the punctuation marks are on the keyboard. My fiance is almost out of college and she still types like periods and question marks don't exist either. As for your problem, I would figure that if the blades are correctly installed and the deck is cleaned out and providing the correct air flow pattern I would have to say that it is something that you are doing yourself while operating that machinery that is porblematic. I have a Hustler as well, and as long as the deck stays clean, I get a top notch cut quality. When the deck starts getting grass built up underneath though, the cut quality goes downhill quick.
  8. SuperFast

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