Hustler Deck Pulley Problems

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by puppypaws, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. puppypaws

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    I was talking with a salesman which happens to be a friend of mine today at my Hustler dealers business. He told me they had seen a great deal of deck pulley failures on the Super Z's.

    Give a response to this thread if you have seen these problems, it may be more than the Super Z's but that is all he mentioned.

    I got one of the parts people to bring me one of the 6" deck pulleys so I could take a look at it.

    I said I can see why this could be a problem, that is a cheap bearing put in by the pulley manufacture. I told them that was easily remedied but someone would have to spend more money on a stronger bearing.

    Hustler has to know there is a problem from their warranty claim records, but there probably is a great number going out just after the warranty is finished.

    This is a good time for you to let Hustler know if you see a problem with these deck pulleys.
  2. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    In 700 Hours, I've had to replace all of the deck idlers on my '06 2760.
  3. puppypaws

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    I can understand 4 or 500 hrs. but not less than 200 like some people have talked about.
  4. jcltyson

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    This may be isolated events but for some time this year, during the 'prime part of the season', I couldn't cut a full week without having deck pulley failure. In my case the faulty pulley was always on the left side (as you would see when sitting in the operators seat). I would not hit anything. All of a sudden I would hear a metallic sound, look down and see sparks coming from beneath the pulley cover. The center of the pulley would, for lack of a better word, break out. Back at the dealer we would check everything over, find nothing wrong, even tried running the spindle belt tension idler spring at much less than the 9 inches suggested....nothing seem to help. After breaking the last one I noticed the spindle itself was starting to get a little 'play'. We decided to replace the spindle housing on this side. Knock on wood,, that was about a month ago and I've had no failures since.... who knows??
  5. FCS Services

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    Just over 300 hours here on a 25/52 super. I have replaced all pullys (just did one yasterday). my first pully I didn't notice soon enough and it had really chewed on the stud it sits on. I checked all of the others and I ended up replacing all of them except for the one I replaced yasterday. That one was chewing at the stud too. When I replaced the other ones including the idler pulley on the drive system was at the begining of the 2007 summer mowing season (about 250 hours). On all of the pulley the bearings failed. some failed to the point that the whold bearing was almost gone??

  6. apro1971

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    does anyone know the part number and/or where to get a deck idler pulley for a super z 60"?
  7. mowerconsultant

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    It is Hustler part # 781385
    It is available at any Hustler dealer.

  8. gene gls

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    This is not a new problem, been there done that a long time ago. I switched over to a differant brand of idler pully.
  9. djagusch

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    The pulley with the whole bearing almost gone, couldn't you hear it going? They normally squeak when engaging the blades or disengaging them. If they get really bad I would think they would sound like a spindle going down. The only good solution would put a grease zerk on them. Luckily the sell for cheap.

    None yet on my Hustler (120hrs) on the Scag I own I've replaced 2 in 1000hrs.

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