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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by a clear difference lawn, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. a clear difference lawn

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    My brother in law borrowed one of my zero turns a while back when his lawn guy mysteriously vanished??? I never work for friends or relatives but I let him use one of my mowers. Well I guess he got the fever for zero turns because he called me day before yesterday and told me he bought a new hustler. He wanted me to drive it to one of my lawns and try it out etc so he could take it back if anything was wrong. I was surprised when I got there. He bought a Zeon electric mower. 42" cut, $5409 out the door. I took it to a cutomer that I have had forever who is pretty laid back and would not freak if anything went wrong. The lawn was reasonably thick st. augustine mixed with some bermuda. The bermuda was dormant mostly from colder temps in late sept.

    Pros: Handled really well and cut even better. The deck is pretty basic but worked well on what I was cutting. It has a high blade speed and I believe would work better with extreme high lift blades. The lawn was a little over half acre and I finished as fast as I would with my grasshopper. The most amazing thing is the noise or lack therof. Without the blades engaged, it sounds like an electric golf cart. With the blades engaged I would guess it to be 60% quieter than a commercial gas mower. I ran it without hearing protection no problem.

    Cons: Used of one of ten charge power level indicators on this lawn. I was guessing I could do 8 or 9 average lawns before needing recharge. This is just a guess, but no way could you run all day without recharge. Of course, you could throw something like this on the back of your truck: charge as you go and then charge both the power pack and mower in your garage overnight. The biggest con of this mower for commercial use is that, to me, it did not seem real rugged. On flat decent dry grass it way surpassed my expectations. But on rough terrain, sloped lawns, with frequent thunderstorms and sideways rain I just don't see this mower working commercially. It does come with a one year commercial warranty and I very well could be wrong. This is just an opinion based on one lawn. If I were a homeowner with extra cash - I would jump all over this mower. Anyway , here are the pics:







  2. ReddensLawnCare

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    That's really neat. Thanks for the post
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  3. dstifel

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    See it has wheelie bars? Pretty light compared to a traditional ztr?
  4. a clear difference lawn

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    A lot of Hustlers have those little wheels in back. It definitely does not go fast enough to wheelie!! I an guessing around 8mph at top speed. The Hustler website says it weighs 783 pounds, actually a little heavier than my 41" grashopper.
  5. ToddH

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    I looked at these on the website some time back and dismissed them because it said over an acre on a single charge.

    You make it sound like it will do 3 or 4
  6. ToddH

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    Found this old thread. Will look for more to see how they are handling the code issues. Sounds like the run time is imporved but who knows once the batteries hit 30 to 50% of thier life removed.

    I know batteries can only cycle so many times and the charge life after about 50% starts dropping quick
  7. NMS0219

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    I think its a neat idea but I can't imagine how much it costs to replace the battery when it dies. Atleast with my gas equipment I know I can get atleast 2k hours before the motor is shot.
  8. Landscape Poet

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    Cool Review. I really like the idea as I am sure many do because of the cost saving potential alone let alone the noise reduction as you mentioned. If they could be reliable enough to get a couple acres of lawn cut without requiring recharging then you could make a full days schedule on some of the smaller lots in your area don't you think?
  9. RLS24

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    Hate to say it but this is prob our future right here....

    That thing must weigh a ton! Also, on the same topic as Nick, on a gas engine theres a lot you can do to maintain it and EXTEND its longevity....this thing looks like a completely sealed unit? so once its done, its done?
  10. a clear difference lawn

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    It weighs 783 pounds according to their website. For comparison purposes my Gravely 34z weighs about 750 lbs. So the Zeon is right in line with other commercial compact ztr's when it comes to weight. It is not a sealed unit. The covers come off easily revealing a battery pack consisting of 4 12v deep cycle batteries. I believe they are wired in series (vs parrallel) but could not tell. This battery pack can also be maintained to extend its life. Checking water levels, makeing sure connections are corrosion free etc. Their website ammortizes battery cost over ten years so I am assuming the batteries are replaceable when they no longer charge properly. The more I look at this unit, the more impressed I am.

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