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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by pohldog, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. pohldog

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    I have a customer wanting to trade an excel 262 in on a new Z. It has a rebuild briggs and new tires and is to be ready to mow. Any one know what this thing should be worth in average shape. Its two hours a way so I cant go see it. Thanks
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Really hard to say.
    That is a older machine for sure.
    We only made them a year or 2, in 1988 - 1989.
    It has a Briggs opposed twin air cooled engine in it.
    I would guess $1,000.00 or less as a trade in for average condition.

  3. pohldog

    pohldog LawnSite Member
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    Thank you for your reply. . This will give me somewhere to start. I'm sure I will be needing info in the future.

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