Hustler, Exmark or Dixie???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tjcezar, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. tjcezar

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    I am looking to add some new equipment this year and was looking for some input. I currently have Huslter Super Z 66" w/ 30 hp but am not to satisfied with the cut ( if I can get this fixed I would love the machine ). So my options are to buy another Hustler (if we can get the cut figured out) or buy 2 of another brand, either the Dixie Xcaliber 66" or eXmark 66" . I will stay with Hustler if someone can tell me how to get a nice manicured cut from it. I have the newer model that does not get the baffle kits but was told there is another kit for this deck that I could BUY (shouldn't have to). I don't want buy this kit and then it still don't work. As for the Dixies, I have no experience with them and was a little scared to buy one last year since they were so different from what I am used to (obviously I went with Hustler). I did have an eXmark Lazer 72" a few years back and liked that but for new stuff I heard there were some problems with the triton decks. Basically I need speed (we do large areas wide open at 15mph), reliability (machines are in use every day) and quality of cut ( not so much on our wide open props but on our smaller stuff where we go a little slower and needv nice lines). Please help.
  2. Mike Blevins

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    You can now get Exmarks with the older style deck. If you do a search on quality of cut you will definately see that Exmark is one of the best out there. They are also the number one selling mower in the world. That also says something. I don't use any of the mowers you are going to chose from but have demoed and used them in the past. I'm not going to try to get you to try the mower I use or like. Going by the three mowers you are chosing, I would chose the Exmark because of warranty,quality of cut,resale value,different motor options,and deck options, and right now they have 12 months same as cash if you are going to finance it. It also has alot to do with your dealer support. You still have a while to decide go and demo each one if you can then maybe you can make your decision easier.
  3. Richard Martin

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    The 66 from Dixie is an all-new deck and hasn't really been out long enough to get good unbiased reviews. They have had troubles in the past with pulley ratios that hampered their performance a little. Hopefully these new decks address that.
  4. Green King

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    I have demoed a 74" Excalibur and that thing is a animal!!! Very good cut for a big mower It does not strip as well as a 72" Prowler but it does cut tall grass clean! The 66" with that same engine should be a real treat!
  5. mowerconsultant

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    E-mail me please.
    I can get this looked into for you.
    I am positive we can get your deck to the cut quality you expect and deserve.
    We will have you back to loving your mower ASAP !!
  6. blind04

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    do you know for sure that you can get the exmarks with the ultra cut deck(older deck and better cutting deck)? i would really really like to know.
  7. happylandscaper

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    I recently demo the exmark lazer z 60 inch cut with the ultracut and a lazer z with the triton deck and also the super z. I thought the super z was a great handling mower but Both of the exmarks cut better. As far as the ultra vs the triton I thought the triton cut better than the ultra. Me and my guys took all three mowers to 6 or 7 differrent properties and the triton had the best cut every time.I had read all the comments on the forum but had to see for myself and was shocked the triton came out on top everytime so i purchased one. Best thing to do is demo them all you can and make up your own mind because we all will have a difference of opinion. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Jerry Lee

    Jerry Lee LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have been the mechanic for 3 hustler 60 inch super z's and we mainly used them for wide open areas as u spoke of for there speed and durability and ease of maintnance. the best cut i experience with the hustler deck is wide open no baffle kit or mulch kit. but as u said if u want that manicured cut u must mow slow and with our decks we had to mow 1 inch higher than necessary on the height adjustment, mabey that will help with clean lines but as far as hills go no chance.

    For the dixie if u have never opperated one they are a little squirly especially with there deck adjustment but i have heard nothing but good remarks of there cutting capability though i have never used one.

    :) Personally we opperate John Deere's the 72" for wide open areas is awesome for the fact they are liquid cooled and at speed can maintain a great cut if u keep those blades sharp.and the deck is tough as nails, we also use there 48" and 60" decks, we did have one problem through out the year with hydraulic issues on the 60" mainly u have to keep the hydraulic cooling fan clear of debris, that problem was fixed for the new 08's with a guard.
  9. TheYardBoys

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    I would have to say exmark. Everyone runs them around here so they cant be that bad.And i recently bought one but i havent run it enough to tell you just how great it is but so far it has given me no problems. The decks on them are the new decks and it cuts fine. The machine is lighter than the same size dixiechopper. The mower in my oppion leaves a very small imprint in the yard snd does great about turning and not tearing up the yard like my last mower did. So after all that i would say Exark all the way.
  10. cemeteryman

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    I have never tried the Hustler, but we used to use the Dixie and we switched to Exmark. The Dixie was always in the shop, and the cut was not as good as the Exmark no matter what deck you use, I personally prefer the triton.

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